Thursday, December 17, 2009

25 years ago today

25 years ago this is what I got. Two days later he was handed to me in a handmade Christmas stocking ~~all 9 lb. 13 1/2 oz. ready to go home. Santa can't top this!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

♥ Rainbows ♥

The colors aren't near as brilliant in the pictures as they were seen by the naked eye.
We had a brief rainshower yesterday and this was the aftermath. Doesn't God do amazing work!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Yesterday was our daughters 1 year anniversary. Happy anniversary Elizabeth and Ryan, we love you both very much. Friends say "Has it really been a year already?" Yeah, it has.
We still have the decorations we used then. A friends daughter is getting married in Dec. and I was going to offer the use of the decorations, but the church she is getting married in is decorated for Christmas.

It still seems a little odd not having kids at home, or even very close by~~ but life goes on. Really, we don't seem to have to much problem with the "empty nest" syndrome. Yes, we do miss our kids and grandkids a lot and wish they were closer, but that is not what is happening now and life goes on. We are looking forward to our sons being here for Thanksgiving and a visit with our older daughter and her family after Christmas. We will be meeting our oldest son's girlfriend for the first time as she will be a guest in our home for a couple days. Our girls will be spending Thanksgiving in CO. and Korea.

Since my last post 4 more people we have known have passed away~~ 2 elderly ladies we have known for 10 years from our church family~~2 more family members, 1 my great aunt (89 years) and another cousin I didn't know very well. Three of the funerals were back to back to back~ a Thur., Fri. and Monday. I didn't attend Mon., we knew about the Thurs./Fri. and found out about the one on Monday at the Friday service.
We have been going through some of my mothers things (she has been gone almost 4 years). I would like to clear out the storage and stop paying. We brought home some boxes to go through, then my husband brought home more, and it made it very hard to get a grip on things, way to many boxes at one time. If I had a housekeeper and cook it wouldn't be so bad. We have found things I didn't know were there, almost like a treasure hunt. Old photos from my dad's side of the family, which I like as I don't have many of my own. Papers from my dad's early days in the military, flight school certificates, etc. When WWII started my dad wasn't old enough to join the military so he moved from Grand Junction, CO. to work in the ship yards in San Francisco, and we found his badge with his photo ID in it! That is also when my grandparents left CO. and came to Calif. such as in "The Grapes of Wrath" for work. We have had to put some of the papers, photos, etc. away until a later date as they take more time to go through. I love the pictures! I recently purchased a film scanner, and I will be able to make copies of the pictures for other family members. I did that for my aunt and cousins funeral, then e-mailed the pictures on so they could be used at the service. We have my mom's china, that my dad got when he was stationed in Korea. Lots of other knick knacks that were my grandparents, momentos, some jewelery and there is still some big furniture pieces. My grandmother (dads mom) died the day before I turneded 13. My older brother and I spent most of the summer I was 10 1/2 with her (she was wheel chair bound and in ill health) helping her with her personal needs and around the house and cooking until they could hire a caregiver (my grandfather was in the hospital because of complications of his diabetes) and my brother did chores outside and what he could do~~fortunately is was a very small farm. We went through some of their momentos, she would tell me about them, where they came from what they ment to her and who she wanted them to go to. That was a special time and seeing some of her things has brought back many memories. That is why the photos are put away until later, so I can get other things done. I should add that my parents weren't far away and we were checked on regualary and aided as necessary. I have no complaints.
It is that time of the year again, annual physical. I don't mind going to the doctors so much when I don't have to wait 30 min. or longer. I finally requested an appointment I have been putting off for sometime with a podiatrist. I decided it was time to find out just exactly what is causing the pain in my foot, and not keep guessing as to what I think it is. My guess was right, I have arthritis in my left foot, the 2nd joint on my big toe, in the middle of my foot. You'd have to look at a picture of foot bones to know where that is. Plus another condition (don't remember what it is called) where my feet are really stiff and hurt first thing in the morning, but get better after I walk for a few minutes. Apparently I am doing everything right, according to the doctor, when he asked what I was doing. A good pair of walking shoes and not a lot of fast walking on pavement/concrete help a lot, plus a couple aspirin for the pain. I will have x-rays and go back in sometime in January.
I can still wear heels, and fortunately I only wear heels occasionally. The elliptical I use at the gym really helps my foot, it mimics some of the physical therapy movements I had years ago with a bad sprain. I can't use the treadmill, that is so very painful. Fortunately it doesn't hurt all the time, and is easily managed. Most of the pain is caused by walking on ground that doesn't give.
I guess that is way to much information for now. I will say I am looking forward to getting this sorting done.
God Bless

Friday, October 30, 2009

The day before Halloween! WOW

I have started half a dozen posts to my blog since my last one. Seems something was always going on and I saved them and never finished. I will admit that for about a week and half after my aunt passed away (Sept. 29) and then my cousin (her first born) I had a hard time. For a better understanding I am posting a photo that was taken when we were younger. Ages are approximate give or take a few months. My sister (on the swing) 3rs, me ( 6 1/2) my aunt (10 1/2) younger brother on the ground (5) my older brother (8 1/2) all together we 5 were born with in a 7 1/2 year time frame. So we grew up as siblings, not as nieces, nephews and aunt. So the feelings I have had are as if I'd lost my older sister. She married at a young age, and that relationship ended as he was physically abusive to her. So as I got older we did more things together, activities, dates, etc. My husband (we weren't married then) introduced her to her husband (they were married 42 years) I was her maid of honor. I married a year later. Our children grew up together, we went camping together. The things you do with family. The last few years we weren't in touch as much, she liked her privacy, but we did see each other occassionally as well as talk on the phone. Her husband and I share the same birth date, separated by 5 years, so occasionally we'd have a happy birthday phone conversation. I'd talk with him, then her. Always fun. She died from complications from pneumonia, and other health issues she had. Then within a week of her passing her first born passed away. He had gone into the hospital 2 days after she was admitted. Neither knew about the other. He passed from complications due to diabetes. They had a double service for them. It was well done, but hard to do. I still get very teary eyed if I spend to much time thinking about it. Of course I know it is harder for those they left behind, a husband, 2 son's, a daughter and 3 grandchildren, a dad, brothers, sister, nieces and nephew. So, I ask for prayer for this family.

Now as I look at the calendar, I think I am ready for all the little trick ~0r ~treaters coming our way, and we get bunches. I hope the snow at my daugherts in Colorado doesn't mess up their Halloween.
Around 8:30 I turn out the lights and we retreat to the family room. By then families start coming in carloads from other areas, and I am done. Little one's should be in by then. Even when my kids were older and went out, they found that feet work wonders for traveling. My older kids grew up in areas where we had to go to civilized areas, but the younger ones have lived in towns most of their life.

♥ ♥
The children have all flown the coup. Elizabeth is in S.Korea with her husband, as she should be. I am not thrilled at the distance, but it is not forever. We do plan on going over sometime next year for a visit. I will set dates later, I need to find out when/if my brother and his wife are really going to come out for a visit from NY. Being retired I am no longer held down by a school schedule.
My oldest and her family in Colorado.
Our son's each live within 3-4 1/2 hours from here, so we will get to see them more often.
After Elizabeth left in Aug. it had been 39 1/2 years since we had been child free.
Do I miss them? Yes.

But it just means more places for us to go visit.
Since I have retired: I am subbing and volunteering some time at the schools. I subbed 2 days last week, as that teacher lost her voice. Well, that doesn't go well with a class of 4 year olds. It was fun.. I am helping with child care for our Church's MOPS group 2 days a month, and I am helping out our wonder person who works with the shut in's at our church. And many other activities at home.
I have had friends ask if I get bored. I have procrastinated, wasted time, read, etc., but not bored. I think I don't know what it is like to be bored. There is always something to do, even if I don't want to do it.
I am hoping to have some dresses finished by next week for my granddaughter, so it is time for me to go. Dan is working today and it gives me time to do somethings here, that I can't do when others are here (underfoot).
God Bless

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Up dates

Sorry I haven't kept updated. I will post about my Colorado trip later. Right now I have prayer request. My aunt (more my big sister due to the closeness of age) is in ICU, critically ill (I'll spare the details). She has been in a medically induced coma since last Monday. Also my cousin Jeff (her oldest child) also in an ICU unit, in a medically induced coma. Both seperate issues, but both health related issues. Please pray the meds work and do the jobs they are suppose to do and that vital organs begin to and will work properly. Thank you.

God Bless

Sunday, August 30, 2009


So much has gone on this last month. I really had not meant to let so much time pass between posts.

Elizabeth and her SIL had a good time in New York earlier this month. A quick but rewarding trip!

After she came home the wheels started moving. She was able to schedule her trip over to Korea, to join her husband, for Aug. 13.

Before that date, she and I went to Santa Barbara for a couple days. We planned out trip for Keith's days off. I had a very hard time finding a hotel that was within a reasonable price, for 1 night. As it went, we did not stay in
SB, instead got a room in Carpenteria, 10 miles away. What we did find out, there was a huge celebration going on celebrating Santa Barbara's Spanish Heritage. It was a 5 day celebration that had an 85 year history. Lots of people.

I gave Keith my car keys and let him show us around. He took us into the mountains above SB, and other places he liked to go or places he wanted to go.

He lives close to the pier, and we drove the 1st day, walked around and had lunch there. The 2nd day we walked from his place, which was good as the parade was huge and traffic was closed on the pier during the parade. We went into the aquarium on the pier. We watched this sea star crawl around the side and back of the container it was big and fast, for a star fish. Scientists do not want them called "star fish" any more, but "sea stars" instead. The term star fish will just have to eventually die out with those of us in the "older" generation and our children.

We went to the mission. We didn't go in, but did look around. It really is huge.

This is a picture I took off the pier. If you double click it, you can see the burned mountain range behind SB, where the massive fire was just this last May.

On the pier. We were watching some families fishing, throwing in their lines and pulling in Mackeral just as fast.

A couple days later we had a combination going away/ birthday party for Elizabeth.

We went to Disneyland for Elizabeth's birthday on the 11th. Keith met us there. Again I got a hotel, however, I was much luckier this time. I managed to get a nice one just outside the park. No "big" celebrations going on.

We, meaning Dan and I, had not been there for about 8 years, though both the kids had. This picture shows lots of people and Disney Town in the back ground. This used to be the parking lot. Not only when I was a child, but when my youngest were in grammer school. There is a 4 or 5 tier parking lot, that wasn't there 8 years ago.

We get a hotel because we stay very late and will not drive home the same night. Keith left around 8, but then he had work the next day and is much closer then we are. We got home on the 12th, early afternoon. That evening we met with Ryan's family for pizza. Kinda of a going away for Elizabeth.

Here we are sitting, in the San Francisco airport, just before she goes to board her plane. It was a 12 hour, non-stop flight to Korea.

I admit, I was a little emotional when she left. She needed to go, she needs to be with her husband and we are excited and happy for her/them to be together~~ as they should be as husband and wife. It is just so far away. When we come back from Colorado we are going to get passports. We are planning at least one trip over. We need passports to go to Canada, as we do like to go to Vancouver Island.
We took over their household items that were here, to his folks for the army to pick up and ship over. Apparently they didn't come as scheduled, minor changes in scheduling, and will come on the 1st to get their things. I have also mailed over packages and her computer, (it had some surgery done). Those packages and her computer arrived a few days ago.
I helped set up my old classroom and have even subbed one day last week. School started last Monday.
Now I am up late, finishing some last minute things before we leave for Colorado.
We will take the dog to the vets in the morning, for boarding. The cats are taken care of. The little boy across the street is now 7, and he will earn some money for feeding our outside cat and filling the bird feeder for us. The gecko is with her former owner while we are gone. I gave the fish and the tank to my former classroom and teacher there (we are friends). It has been a busy month and gone by very fast.
My next post will be from Colorado, we will be there 10 days. One thing, besides family, I am looking forward to is some cooler weather. And some catch~up time on my e-mails and catching up on blogs.
God Bless

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy birthday Mom

Today my mom would have been 83 years old. Happy birthday mom.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Today is Monday

Today is Monday, and there is so much to do. Elizabeth had a good trip to NY and back, with her SIL. The first time E. has been in NY city. We went to NY in 2004 when we took a road trip back to visit my brother and his wife. We visited Niagara Falls, and my SIL took Keith and Elizabeth to Syracuse for a day where they did some sight seeing and shopping. We also visited with some friends in CO., my BIL and his girls in Ohio, and my aunt in NY. That was a great trip, and my mom having a fully contained motor home enabled us to do much sight seeing along the way, and take care of my mom and all her medical needs, etc. I am so glad we drove it, so much to see, but not enough time or money to see all of it. I especially liked not being on toll roads back east. There is so much old architecture to see (much older then in CA) and it is so beautiful, you miss it on the toll roads. More then the experience that we all enjoyed, I am so glad my mother was still with us to enjoy it. Of course, she had talked about it for years so we finally just did it. It was a great experience for us all, and the kids, being newly graduated from high school and 1 year out.

So much to do and so little time. Hopefully we will know today or tomorrow when Elizabeth is heading off to Korea. We need to go get her ticket at the base (about an hour away). She is and needs to finish getting their household items ready for the military to pick up and ship over. Between doing things, Thursday and Friday she and I are going to visit her brother in Santa Barbara, we are planning a going away party next Sunday eve. and a trip to Disneyland on her birthday. I also, pray that the base (in Korea) has a decent Christian church, as I am not sure what is off base. Please pray for her and Ryan.
After we know when she is leaving we will set dates for our trip to CO. We know when we have to be there, those dates were set in early July, so we will revolve around them. Sorry that she isn't able to go with us~~ but glad her sister and family were here in early July for a visit. However, Elizabeth will be with her husband, as she should be, and they will have some grand adventures of their own.
God bless

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Boating on a hot day

Last week we had a couple days of 99 and 98, after 10 days of over 100. We are again, in triple digits. Yesterday it was 105, so we took the boat out. The first time since Dan's surgery, it was his idea.
I need to remember that the photos load backwards, so you are looking at the last to the first. Elizabeth on a single ski, before heading in.
Elizabeth and Cari in the tube.

After lunch we took off from the beach, you can see how low the water level is in the background. Actually not to bad for the end of July, considering the water is used for agriculture.

During lunch a ladybug decided it wanted a soft landing spot.

The beach where we swam and ate. It got really deep, real fast. Elizabeth invited a friend along and it was a nice relaxing day. I will admit I wasn't up to cooking dinner after we got home so we ordered some pizza.
Amazing, sometimes what you think of when you wake up in the mornings. It has been 11 years today since my dad had a fatal car accident. Miss you dad. ♥
Things change fast. Elizabeth is most likely leaving for Korea in a little less then 3 weeks. The date isn't confirmed yet. So much to do. She needs to get ready the things she wants to have sent over for their household. She's working on it.
In the meantime she leaves this Friday for her NY trip, she won.
I need to make hotel reservations today for our visit to Disneyland, and boarding for the dog.
I am NOT looking forward to another hot day.
Have a great day and God Bless........

Monday, July 20, 2009

A busy but good week.

It was a busy week getting ready for a visit with my sister. My niece just moved close to Colorado Springs, where her husband is stationed (Army). My sister (& 8 year old grandson) drove from OR. to help them move in. On the way home she was suppose to visit for a few days, however, since they would be going by Vegas, Elliase wanted to see his mom (he spends the summers with grandma) so they went there. They did come here, but only for one night, instead. It was a short but nice visit. The first thing she did was lock her keys in her car. That taken care of we then had time to visit. I believe the high that day was officially 108, so the pool was good for Elliase. They left Sunday morning for the long drive home, I think they made it in 10 hours. Of course not only was it the 2 of them, there were also 2 small dogs in the car (in cages) so they did have to make a few stops as necessary.
Earlier in the week Dan was going to help a friend of his paint a house, but it was to soon after surgery so he only could give about 4 hours. Kinda hard when you want to do something, but there is a reason the doctor said to wait 6 weeks.
Sat. Dan went up and picked up Eric, so he could take home his (new to him) truck, so Eric got to visit with his aunt, and swim later with Elliase and Elizabeth.
It has been hot! Sunday broke a 110 year old record of 111, it was 112. Today the official high was 108, tomorrow 107. The long term forecast has the weather mostly 105 give or take a couple degrees for the next 9 days.It is 10:20 PM right now and 89 outside, that is cooler then last night. The last time we has a long spell like this was the summer of 2006 when we has 12 days over 100, with several of them being 112/113. I'm ready to move back to the coast!
Up and coming we are going to Disneyland for Elizabeth's birthday. She gets in free and is taking a friend who has a pass. Me, well I have to pay and so does Dan. I will make a hotel reservation as we stay until the park closes at midnight but will not drive home then. We are also planning a road trip to Colorado, but may fly (that OK Rochelle?) as some airlines are slashing their prices between Aug. 18 - middle of Nov. We still have Eric's birthday in Aug. and are trying to find time to go to Santa Barbara to visit Keith. Dan's Grand Jury duty messes up some of the dates. We still have no date for when Elizabeth will be going to Korea to be with Ryan. Hoping that when he is done with his latest training he may find out some information.
I will be using Keith's room for a sewing room and set up a table to do some scrap booking. I don't want to put a bed in there and nothing else, except the toy boxes. When we need to I can put all away with ease and pull out some twin size air mattresses for sleeping on.
We hear that there is a deal with the CA. budget, and voting is on Thursday. They are still going to close some of the state parks, but don't know which ones yet. Also that if signed on Thurs. IOU's will be turned to real checks. Last time we got IOU's our credit union cashed them, but not all banks will do that. Dan is retired, so he shouldn't get an IOU. However, both our son's work for the parks and we don't know yet. They already have 3 furlough days a month or 14 o/o pay reduction. Both their parks were on the closure list, hopefully not now. Hoping, also, it doesn't cut the Cal Grant program either, as Elizabeth has a grant and really can't afford to lose it. At this point all we can do is pray for the best.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Awwwww , that's all I have to say!

Haven't done much blogging lately. Sooooooo, I am now doing some catch up. Haven't blogged much about Dan's surgery. Of course I have kept the kids updated with all that was going one. It is just a hard swallow when you hear the word 'cancer.' But all has gone well and everything looked good and clean after the surgery. Of course there will be more testing at a later date, that is just a precautionary procedure. As he has said, it is really nice to have so many God fearing friends and family who have been praying for him, and irregardless of how things may have turned out, it's OK when you have the Lord in your life. While waiting for him to go into surgery our pastor and 2 of the elders came by and sat with us and prayed with us. While he was in surgery anther couple we are good friends with came by and sat with me until the doctor came out. It is a real comfort having friends in Christ that can come and just be with you. It has been a little over 3 weeks and he is doing remarkably well. Still gets a little more tired then before, but that is because his body is still healing.
We have a good friend, (who will be 82 in Aug.) His wife had a stroke about a year and half ago, so she is not as strong as she used to be. Anyway, he has the flu (also diabetic) so Dan spent the night there last night to help out in case anything happened. God has a plan and He uses His own to help and comfort His own, also. Things were much better today and he was holding down his food and feeling better.

Had a nice 2 day visit with Rochelle and family. Kinda did nothing much the first day they were here. Would have taken the boat out or gone to the lake if it weren't for Dan's recent surgery. (Hopefully after his 6 week check up we can take the boat out again). But, to the enjoyment of the little one's, "Bob the Builder" was at the met, so we ladies packed up the kids and headed downtown to the museum. Needless to say Brandon & Caitlin had a fantastic time. They even got to meet "Bob". We all enjoyed ourselves, and it was fun to play there with the little ones.

We did get the kiddie pool out for them each day and they really enjoyed it, and of course we enjoyed watching them.

The day after Rochelle and Brian and kids left, Elizabeth and I headed to our place at the lake. My bother and his youngest were there. It was a nice visit. We headed to Lakeport for the fireworks display over the lake. It was nice, haven't been there for the 4th for a while.

There may be 10 1/2 years between them but they had fun "poking each other."

When Elizabeth and I headed home we went to St. Helena and some of the wineries. We stopped at Charles Krug first. The 2nd place we stopped was at the old Christian Brothers Winery, which since sometime in the 70's has been "The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone." We went inside to look around. Every since I was real young I can remember wanting to stop at this place and now I have. I got some real nice pictures inside, and it is remarkable inside. Of course I wanted to buy everything in the store but of course ~ I didn't!

The photo above shows the swallows nests on the building. It was built in the middle 1800's.

We stopped at Beringer Winery.This was his house, and it is just as amazing inside.
The stained glass windows are fantastic and the woodwork is amazing. Just beautiful.
Stopped at a couple other places, didn't taste everywhere we stopped, it can get pricey.

The last place we stopped was Robert Mondavi, and that was the favorite for the wine. I didn't have much as I was driving and still had a 4 1/2 hour drive ahead of me, but I did taste. R. M. has a desert wine that is really good. I should mention that wine can sit in my refrigerator for quite some time, as I am not much of a drinker, but I do like to cook with it.

Monday, June 29, 2009

It's hot!

Yesterday tied a record of 108, today was cooler 106. That is if you can call that cool. Glad we have an AC, but dread the PGE bill.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I Took HIs Hand and Followed

(I do not know who wrote this, credit be given to them. I was given this copy after the birth of my 2nd son ~~ doesn't matter boy or girl~~ and I immediately fell in love with it. I found it today sorting through some school things. Maybe I was going to copy it and put in my monthly newsletter. God knows.

My dishes went unwashed today, I didn't make the bed, I took his hand and followed where his eager footsteps led.

Oh yes, we went adventuring, my little son and I. Exploring all the great outdoors beneath the summer sky.

We waded in a crystal stream, we wandered through a wood, my kitchen wasn't swept today, but life was bright and good.

We found a cool sun-dappled glade and now my small son knows how mother bunny hides her nest where Jack-in-the pulpit grows.

We watched a robin feed her young, we climbed a sunlit hill, saw cloud-sheep scamper through the sky, we plucked a daffodil.

That my house was neglected, that I didn't sweep the stair, in Twenty years, no one on earth will know or even care.

But that I've helped a little boy to noble manhood grow, in twenty years, the whole wide word may look and see and know.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's day!

I wanted to wish my dad a Happy Father's Day. He has been gone for almost 11 years now. But I still think of him when special occasions come up, and other times also. He was a great person.

Dan came home from the hospital Sat. and went to church today! There is no keeping him down!!! He made a great patient for the hospital staff, as you can see. Happy Father's Day to the father of my children, you are a great man and I Love You!

Events of the last few days include taking a picture of the "one" and only ripe tomato we have. It is a lovely tomato! There are some green ones on the vine. We will enjoy this one tomorrow night. They are slow this year.

The sunflowers are blooming nicely, only about a half dozen or so this year, but they are nice.

Keith had a going away party Friday. He decided to show the gecko off. She liked his shirt, kept jumping to it as he'd hold her out. She also proceeded to climb on his face.

I hope everyone had a great Father's day with their dad. It doesn't take much to be a father, but it takes quite a lot to be a dad! I thank my heavenly Father for his love, and my earthly father for the love he also gave.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Little Bits

Reposting pictures because Picasa got a bug.

We took the boat out again on Wednesday, as it is going to be at least 6 weeks before Dan will be able to go out again (that is another blog). Keith was coming up, but wouldn't be here in time for boating, so Elizabeth invited Cari to come. She hasn't done much boating, so it was fun. We pulled the girls behind in the tube, and I think Cari enjoyed it. Elizabeth then did some knee boarding. It was a refreshing afternoon. And now the boat is ready when the guys come to visit ~ if they want to take it out. If you double click the pictures you can see how high the water is. Sadly it is snow melt that melted to soon.

I captured this dragonfly sitting on top of one of the gladiolas at the side of the house. Everytime I got near it would fly away and if I was very still return to the same spot.

When things settle down in a few weeks, I will spend sometime exploring what my camera can do. I want to get another lens for really close up pictures or one so I can take pictures of the moon (that'll wait).

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just some pictures

Before & after shots of the thunder and lightening, the end of May. The guys had to remove the tarp because the wind was so strong. We park under the tarp because the tree always sheds, we think the pigeons like to gather right above the vehicles and leave their mark on the vehicles.

after ~ I was unable to get a shot of the lightening ~ it was vertical as well as horizontal.

Lakeport park, Labor Day weekend. I captured a picture of a mama duck and her babies. The dad was there also.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Last day.

It has been a busy 2 weeks. Not only end of year activities and close out for my class, also a Bridal shower and Hilary's wedding. Elizabeth made a beautiful bridesmaid.

On Thursday we had our "End of the year ceremony" for my class. On Friday we had a pot luck brunch for the children and their parents. The principal of the school and other staff came by the present me with a plaque and beautiful bouquet of flowers in honer of my retiring. It was nice.

Now it is time for me to do some catch up not only with neglected house cleaning, but blogging, scrapbooking, sewing, reading, etc., etc., etc. Only now I will have some more time to do that in. Trying to get some work done before Dan's surgery (that's another story) on Thursday.

Going to the gym soon, that is another area that has been neglected the last 2 weeks. Oh, did I mention some sleep! Yes, that is defiently something I look forward to.

God Bless

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Until I started teaching ( and it is only pre-kindergarten!) I never gave a lot of thought to my kids complaining about the last few weeks of school. Now, I have a greater appreciation of school getting out. I honestly believe that teachers look forward to it more then the kids. The end of the year clean up, organizing, etc. etc, etc. goes on and on and on. Also, finishing up the children's memory books, binding their ABC books ~ and as a gift from me to my families, I give each family a disk with anywhere from 400 -600 digital pictures I have taken through out the year and pictures parents have taken and been so kind to give me a disk I can down load. But to make it easier on me, I do edit the pictures through out the year. What takes time is just putting then on a disk. I have the pictures in a folder and all it takes is a click, but I have to do 24 disks. Enough complaining. School is out the 12th, and my official last day is the 13th. I have gotten all (I hope) my retirement papers in and now am waiting to hear back, the usual stuff.

We had a good weekend at the lake. I will post some pictures later of the 'thinning' of the trees. The place still looks like a mini forest, but with a little more visual in the front, yeah! I really do not like overgrown places, reminds me of old people (we'll just ignore the fact that I am 60). My brother and his youngest were there. Timmy is now 13, wow. We had a good visit.

The weather forecast said today was suppose to be 98 and it was 102 and it felt like it. The AC in my classroom went out a week ago Monday, and finally got fixed yesterday. My class gets out at 11:30, so with windows open and doors open it wasn't to terrible. Yeah for the AC getting fixed. The weather forecast said/explained how the heat created the thunderstorms tonight. And tonight quite a thunderstorm came through the area, lots of lightening and some rain. I am really hoping not to wake up to some massive fire somewhere because of the lightening. I think the thunder got stuck above the house, as you could feel the house vibrate slightly and the cats hid where ever they could. The sound was very loud and the lightening almost blinding. Nothing like the thunderstorms we experienced living in the Sierra's, but still impressive. God can light up the sky!
It has also been busy here, getting Keith ready to move to Santa Barbara. He and his dad took a load down on Wednesday. He will be leaving here on Saturday and his first day is the 1st. I still need to sew the patches on his shirts and will do that tomorrow evening. We will prepare his room, as his bed is gone, for the grandchildren to sleep in. We will turn it into a library, not a spare bedroom, except for the grandkids. We will put in the children's books and the toys, also.
I have been wanting to update my side bars on my blog, but work has side tracked me on that also.
I probably should sign off as it is late and I need to get up early, and am really misspelling words now. The children are having "octopus" for snack and I have to leave earlier to get the stuff at the store, on the way to work.
God bless

Friday, May 22, 2009


We are getting out of town for a few days this weekend. Going to our place at the lake. Not all of us, Keith's last day of work was yesterday, and he starts his new job June 1st and has things he needs to do here. Moving to Santa Barbara, gee! He should like it, going from the heat of the central valley to the cool coast. Working at a beach, who can complain. I loved it when we lived at the beach near Santa Cruz and in Monterey. I think those are some of my most favorite places. I love to smell the ocean air, even like the coastal fog, it has much more personality then the valley fog~ which just sits here and takes in all the stale smell around us.

Don't know about anyone else, but my computer is not letting me open up and stay on some blogs for very long. Sorry about that. Hopefully it will feel betting when we return. That's what happened last time. I think I will virus scan it and spy ware scan it.
Have a Blessed Weekend!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


It was 104 yesterday, today it hit 106. We turned on the AC and got the fans out. Even the cats had no energy. I thought this was just funny of Squirt, he just lay there.
I see my windows need to be cleaned, they shall be added to my list of things that need to get done as soon as school is out or sooner!

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