Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In the states

I posted the web of the event we went to for Ryan. It is a broadcast of the event so it is 144 minutes long. Just watch the first several minutes for the entertainment part. The aeriel acrobats are spectacular. After the ceremony there was a reception and some book signing. I will write more later and post some photos when I have more time, on the event. His parents and 2 of his sisters also were there. I will say that Hollywood is really overrated. The website also has some other info on it about the event and the contests they sponser.


The most exciting part was getting to see Elizabeth and Ryan for the first time in a little over the year. We were and are excited for Ryan winning (he didn't win the grand prize) last year and being eligible to attend the conference. It should be a huge boost for his career in illustration. He is now published and did a book signing at the reception and at Boarders (Sun.) in Pasadena.

After we met them at the hotel (Hollywood Roosevelt), Ryan got settled, took them out to eat, etc. We then drove Elizabeth to Santa Barbara to stay with her brother (they went to an event BBQ in Hollywood on

Thurs.) We spent the night in Santa Barbara and spent most of the next day with Elizabeth. Even though the weather was a little on the chilly side, we (Dan & I) enjoyed it as it was 110 at home and we weren't looking forward to going back to that!

We went back on Sat. to get Elizabeth and then on to Hollywood until Monday.

Today we will be getting things for a BBQ here on Thurs. and food/gas for boating on Wed. I will write more later. It is going to be a full week. They leave next Tue. for Korea again. We will take them to San Francisco airport instead of L.A. It will be an easier commute. L.A. traffic, I have nothing good to say about it.

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