Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Wedding!!!!!!!!!!!! Sept. 8, 2012

It all started out in a class at the college.  They got to know one another a little at a time, and then it hit, they knew.
After a year of dating he proposed.  When he told us he wanted to marry her, we were not surprised.  We would have been surprised if he had not proposed. For her family it was a little different proposal, he called her mother and told her he wanted to marry Liz and then asked her permission. That was a year ago. Their relationship has been a long distance one, her living here and him being 4 hours away.  At least we got to see him more often when he came to see her.
 (A couple of the pics are out of order)
The Kiss!!!
 The wedding was held outside and the reception inside.  The high that day got to 96, and standing in the sun is not comfortable. It ended up (after the ceremony) being a nice day.  We are so thankful that we did not have the same heat we had in Aug.  Over a week of 107-112 weather, over 3 weeks of over 100 degrees ~which is very uncomfortableWe did manage to get some shade for the guests.

Liz did a beautiful job with the table decorations, with some help from all of us we got everything set up in time for the wedding.  Our youth group usually meets on Thursday evenings, but took the summer off and start up again on Thursday.  So we were able to get the tables set up that evening and set on Friday.

 The cake was stunning.
 I made the flower girl's dresses and a friend of hers made the sashes.  The little one is Vivi, Liz's little sister (3 1/2 yrs.) and the tall one is our granddaughter the grooms niece, Caitlin (6 1/2 yrs.) they both did a great job.  Brandon was the ring bearer (9 yrs) Caitlin's brother and our grandson.  Keith's brother was the best man and his sister was a bridesmaid.  Liz's sister~~her twin~~ was not in the wedding (she was there) because she has a new baby.
Our pastor did the ceremony with his wonderful wife doing the translation from English to Spanish.

 The Happy Couple!!!

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