Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Little Things...............

 The time has come  (before today) to make sure all the little things for the wedding get done.  Time to get the house in order for family to come and stay.  I am looking forward to seeing my daughter and her family.  We have not seen the grandchildren since last Thanksgiving and miss them.  My daughter we saw at my nieces wedding in June, and were Thankful for that visit.
I ordered my dress last week on Tuesday and it came  Wednesday morning.  I need to take the shoulder straps up and make a sash/belt for the dress. I would like to find a bracelet to wear that matches my earrings and necklace, so will be going out tomorrow to look for that.
The flower girl dresses area as done as I can do until Tuesday.  That is because the bride will be visiting her family over the weekend and will be fitting her little sister.  When she comes  back I will attach the skirt and put the zippers in both dress.
Meanwhile, I will finish the picture colleges, and other odd and small stuff that needs to get finishes.  Ten more days!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Moving along............

 Wow, just 2 1/2 weeks until our son gets married and we have a new daughter in the family.  It's about time as we have already added 2 sons.  Our family is growing.
Yesterday I "finally" found a dress I like for the wedding.  I ordered it and it should be here by the 31 of Aug.  Today we will go shopping for some of the little things we need.  We are getting there.  Caitlin's dress is done, except for the zipper and tie (which someone else is doing) and now to work on Vivi's (Liz's little sister).  I will do the zippers on both dresses at the same time and sew the sash on (it will be red with some hand beading on it)

We pulled some shelves out of the dining area a couple weeks ago and finally got that wall painted and pictures rehung.  The flooring will go in after the wedding.  Now to clear the boxes (stuff that was in the cabinets) out and yard sale stuff out of the house so we have more room for family when they get here.

Bought a trundle bed a couple weeks ago and have it in the room our niece is sleeping in.  Since we but a bed in, formally my craft room, for her to live in and she has changed her mind about staying here...  we are going to leave the trundle in and now all 3 of the extra rooms will have beds in them for guests.  It means I have a lot more stuff to get rid of, but that is just the way it is.  I  would rather have the room for guests and family to visit and stay in comfortably then the stuff that took up the space in those rooms.  However, since I am a sewer (2 machines), scarpbooker and collecter of children's stories, some of it remains, I just need to weed out what is important and what isn't.  As I go through the children's books (there are so many I do not need) that I got for teaching.  Some really cute, but alas, there is a library close by so I can check out books when the grandchildren visit.  I do have my classics and first editions. And, I will keep my Bible stories for when I am doing Sunday School.

Time to get ready to do a little shopping today......................

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Liz & Mariah

It is one month (yesterday) until Keith and Liz's wedding.  Still lots of little things to do.  So far it is going good.

Liz moved in with us 3 weeks ago, when her roommate asked her to leave.  Living with us gives her a little more money to spend, as we are not charging her room and board.  Keith has taken most of her things (minus what she needs until the wedding and for the wedding) to his place in Ojai. 

Mariah flew in on the 2nd of Aug. and will be going back on the 11th of Sept.  She will not be staying with us to go to school, instead she will be going to school in Penn.  She and Liz enjoy one another's company and that is good as they are close in age so they have many of the same interests.

I have been working on the flower girl dresses, and they will be cute.  Today I am taking a break on the dresses, I am doing some shopping for the Bridal Shower (Sat.) instead and some house cleaning. Elizabeth will be down to help me with that and when the day is over we will celebrate her birthday.

Needless to say, we are not enjoying the heat.  Sat. it is suppose to be 109, ugh!

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