Thursday, May 24, 2012

I've come to the conclusion that Blogger really doesn't want people to blog as much, or new people to join.  The changes STINK!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Up date!

 Georgia was able to home to her apt. on Friday.  She is so happy to be home.  She really misses Misty her Shitzu-Yorkie mix, little dog (really cute).  Her daughter is taking care of the dog and she does get visiting rights.  However, that type of dog requires exercise and Georgia is not up to long walks yet.  I will be going over weekly to help doing some cleaning for her.  Both her daughters work, one is a young widow with 3 children, the other has 2 special needs children, so I help when I can.   She is slowly regaining her strength and can walk a little around her apt. complex, but she has her limits.  We all tell her to listen to her doctor and one of her friends is a retired nurse, and that helps.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Again I will say "I DO NOT LIKE THE NEW BLOGGER!"  There I said it!

Saw Georgia yesterday.  She sounded better then she has in weeks and she looked good.  She is in a rehab center now for some physical therapy, especially as she is weak from not walking for over 2 weeks. We took communion to her and had some Bible time with her.  She enjoyed that very much.  She asked if I might take over her Bible Study at her apt. complex.  I've never taught one but I can try. She lives in a complex for low income elderly.  Pray for me that when the time comes I will do it God's way.
Our visit was just under an hour as we didn't want to make her overly tired.  She may feel good, but having a heart valve replaced isn't minor surgery and she still needs to rest to help her recovery.  She is so positive, she looks at being in the rehab center as a chance to witness (she does) and do some Bible studies with others.  There is no keeping this lady down, she is a woman of God!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Before I update on Georgia, I again want to say I am NOT HAPPY with the changes blogger made. 
Georgia had a heart valve replaced a week ago Wed. April 25.  It was not invasive, in otherwards yes they had to cut her and no they did not have to cut through the breast bone.  The doctor that did it teaches the new method and is a christian.  That made Georgia very happy.  We took her communion the day before the surgery, she called me at 7:30 requesting it.   A couple days before she called at 6:30, requesting a visit.
Her daughters kept us updated on her progress and we finally got permission to visit her 3 days ago.  They are guarding her closely and want people to call them to find out if it is ok to visit.  Georgia will move to a rehab in a few days, for around 10 days.  All in all, she is doing better and the doctors are getting other issues under control.  God is good.

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