Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Elizabeth & Ryan left S. Korea on the 26th, for good. They flew into SFO on Sat. and his sister picked them up, they spent the night there, it also gave them some good visit time. We went up Sunday and picked them up. They have been able to get some business done via the DMV with registration and license's. They were introduced to their new dog, Guiness. He has taken well to them, especially Ryan, which is good as it is his dog. Guiness was then introduced to Winston, Elizabeth's puppy. Winston is very excited to see Guiness, on the other side of the glass door. He is taken outside and held as they investigate one another. Guiness is a year and half, so he has a lot of puppy in him still, so not a good idea to leave them together. You can see the difference.
Winston is 5 months old, and will grow a little more but not much. I managed to get some fun pictures today just before their walk.
They went to Ryan's parents yesterday, and took the dogs. However, as you see, they gave him a bath first. He did really good in the tub, but it took the 2 of them to bathe him.
Winston is a cutie. He loves playing with the cat toys and is curious about the cats, as they are him. I am guessing they think he is an annoying little thing running around.
He sleeps in the bathroom, with his piddle pad, food, water and bed. Enough on the dogs.

We are thrilled the kids are back in the states. They will be here until Sunday, when they will head to Fort Bliss, Texas, where they will be until early next year when he gets out of the Army.

They will be driving back with the 2 dogs. Winston has a small carrier they can put him in when necessary, not the same with Guiness. We pray God goes before them, keeps the way safe and they can find lodging with no problems. I did get them maps and tour/guide books for the trip.

We want to plan a trip to Colorado to visit with our oldest daughter and family. We hope we may be able to plan it so Elizabeth and Ryan can come up also, but that remains open. We have suggested it to them. We were hoping to drive, but with gas prices we'll see. When we drove to New York we were able to make it into Colorado the 2nd day, west of the Rockies. We are thinking fall sometime.

Last Fri., Sat. and Sun. we have had a special speaker at church. An Islam/Muslim converted to Christianity. All I will say is it was very interesting. There is much to say, I just need to think and pray about it.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Foster Dog!!

The latest news is that our youngest and her husband are going to Fort Bliss, Texas. There he will finish out his time in the Army, which will be early next year. They will be arriving in San Francisco on the 26th of this month. They will be leaving S.Korea around 5:26 PM on the 26th and arriving in SF around 11:20 AM, gaining back the time they lost when they went over. They will stay here around a week, visiting family, friends and taking care of business. They need to register and insure his truck and motorcycle, then they will drive to TX.
Her Christmas present was a chihuahua puppy and his latest acquisition is a boxer. This is Guinness, a year and half old boxer (we believe purebred~ no papers) We picked him up Monday evening for them. We will keep him here until they leave for Texas, he will go with them. We got no papers, etc when we picked him up. All we knew about his physical health is that he had his first set of vaccinations and he had parvo last summer and almost died from it. Thus he had a vet check-up yesterday, got his boosters, rabies, tested neg. for heart worm and is now on meds for heart worm. Our vet did say that he will have a lifetime immunity to parvo now.
We walk him twice a day and are trying to get him to play with some doggy toys. We were told they didn't spend much time with him. I know they had to have spent sometime with him, he rides well, and he walks well. We had no problems at the vets. There was a young mother with preschoolers there, he was well behaved. They couple we got him from had a 2 year old.

After having my mom's dog put down last summer, due to very old age and all the issues that go with it, I am not ready for another dog. However, we will foster Guinness until the kids get here. Actually, I do not want another dog at this time. None of my family live nearby so we have to travel to visit and it is easier without a pooch. Thus is our saga of our foster dog.
What I want to say, also, is I am glad they are leaving S.Korea, because they are really close to Japan. Even though they are not at risk, the nuclear plants are still not under control. But more on that later.
God Bless

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