Saturday, October 25, 2014


I found out I fractured a bone in my left foot, the one just below the little toe.  I have a "walking boot" to wear during the day, and a "boot shoe" to wear to bed.  Really!!  Not quite, I've been babying my foot for two weeks and so far it is doing good, healing well.  I wear the boot at home and the shoe out, but neither to bed.
That's about it!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Prison ministry car show

Great car show/fundraiser for the cause.  Dan enters his Studebaker every year, this year it won first place for "car in progress" category.  Someday, I hope, he will get it finished.  As an elder, the last 2 years, his time to work on the car as been put on the back-burner.  If I knew how to do the work, I'd do it.  I really do like the car. 

Our son has a '59 El Camino, he also entered it in the show.  That also is a work in progress, and it also is a great car.
 I forgot my camera, so used the phone camera, not near as good as my SLR!
Eric's car and Eric's girl!

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