Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I noticed I have not blogged for almost 2 months. I also have noticed I have several drafts I have started, I probably will go back and finish them up. We went to Santa Barbara the end of May to visit Keith and go to Yorba Linda, to visit the Richard Nixon Presidential Library. The only ones in California are Nixon and Reagan. The next closest are in Texas, there are 3 and so on to the other states.
Probably will not visit any others, unless we are in the area on a trip. It is well worth the time to visit one.

The water fountain in the parking lot.

Going inside.

A moon rock from an Apollo mission.

The garden area, which was very nice and relaxing.

Sad to say, Elvis actually visited Nixon to help with the war on drugs. We all know how that ended for Elvis.
A replica of the Lincoln room, which (according to the information there) was Lincoln and Mrs. Lincolns favorite room in the White House.

This room was very interesting. There are 10 life sized figures of influential world leaders during Nixon's presidency. They were wearing actual clothing that was sprayed with some kind of coating to harden then the same as the statues.

The actual house his father bought (from a catalog) and built. Where Richard Nixon was born.

When we toured the house (with a guide) we were informed that over 80% of the furnishings are the actual ones. The only surviving son (out of 5) still lives. He was very instrumental in obtaining actual furnishings from and for the house during it's restoration back to the original. In an area back of the house are the grave sites for Richard and Pat Nixon. There were many different rooms and things to see while there. I spent little time in the Vietnam room and the Watergate room, but enjoyed all the other rooms.

Another view of the garden area. I have many other photos, but way to many to post. It was a pleasant visit. My goal was to go "before" school let out or wait until the fall. Anyone who has ever driven in any of the Los Angeles area during the summer understands. It is bad during school time also, but not as bad a summer traffic.

We invited Liz (Keith's girlfriend) to go with us. She was able to reschedule some work and was able to come.


Keith found a bearded dragon on the side of the road, a month or so ago. Here she is on my arm, as you can see she is a fat bearded dragon.

He does have a plexi glass container for her, a large one, but you can see that she does like to go out in the sun.

We spent some time at the beach. You cannot go to the ocean side and not visit the beach.

This tree is a Moreton Bay fig. Imported from Australia by a little girl in a tin bucket and planted around 1877.

It is one gigantic tree.

Behind us you can see the roots.

We spent a couple days there and had fun. The pelicans on the wharf, I am sure, thought the fishermen were there just for them as they waited for some free fish.

We had an enjoyable time.

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