Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It has been a while since my last post.
We were busy while Ryan and Elizabeth were home. We did some boating and had a BBQ here for them and their friends, which was nice. It was good that his family also lives in same town so they could visit with them without going out of town. I let them use my cell phone while they were here and while at home they also used our car. It made life a little easier for them.

We have been sorting through things we still have. I sometimes just want to chuck it all, but over 20 years of school supplies are good for someone else, sooooooooooo~~ I will do another yard sale. When I do this one I will send a flier to my former supervisor and she will send it out to the prek supers in the district, who in turn will pass it on to their staff. I have big books ( the 3 ft x 2 ft ones), books with tapes/cd's for the listening centers and some games and puzzles. Of course, I will be saving somethings for when the grandkids are here.

I finished my quilt top, got the batting and backing. One thing left, I need to go in and find out had to do the final boarder. The instructor has given me her number so I can call and go to her house. When the quilt is done it will be for my grandson to use when they come to visit. I have a kitty fleece for my granddaughter, that she really likes. That way they both have something to use when they come to visit.

We had the dog put to sleep. Even though she was old (15 1/2 years) and not doing very well~~ it still was a bit emotional for us. At one time I would have put her down with no reservations. Kandy was my folks dog and she would have made a great junk yard dog. She could be rather mean. I believe she may have been that way because my parents were elderly and she felt protective. Living here for over 10 years mellowed her, though I still would never trust her around the grandkids. When our youngest two kids were in high school there always were lots of kids here, plus parties (well supervised of course.) The kids were involved in leading cell groups as were many of their friends in high school~~ so we also hosted cell groups here. For those who don't know: Cell groups are individual Bible Study groups led by high schoolers , with an adult advisor from our church. The kids also had a once a week meeting for all the cell leaders for training sessions (not here).
So the dog just got used to people being here.

We now are getting ready to head up north to Oregon, Washington and Vancouver Island. Dan and I are going on vacation with his sister and her husband. On the way home we will visit with my sister and then spend a couple days at our place at the lake, then home we will come. We will have lots of pictures to share. And I am so looking forward to some cooler weather. We will do a little shopping tomorrow. There is a new Kohl's in town and we went there today to check it out. Tomorrow is the big grand opening, so we have picked out a couple things we want. One being a tote I can carry that will be big enough for the camera's~ icluding the video camera, plus my wallet. I need a nice black sweater to wear and we found one, plus a couple shirts Dan picked out (for him). We will use the discount coupon's we received in the mail. An extra 30% off of everything, after the early bird discount sounds pretty good to us. We have picked out what we want so it will be easy to go in and get the items.

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