Sunday, February 14, 2010

Santa Barbara Trip, Jan. 2010

Some of the pictures from our trip to Santa Barbara. Pictures are of the beach clean up of yachts/boats destroyed by Januarys storm. Pictures taken at the Presidential Library. Note the picture of Reagan created out of 10,000 Jelly Belly's. And the Santa Barbara Mission and a couple of fun ones. Check out the massive root system on the fig tree. I took one picture at the mission and the larger one at the train station. The homeless have set up housekeeping between the roots of the tree for protection from the weather, at the train station. Picture 9, with the blue and butterfly is an acutal piece of the Berlin Wall that was presented to President and Mrs. Reagan.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh My!

Again, almost a month since my last post. I have started several times but something else always took me away, and when you share a computer it isn't always your turn when you have a thought to post.

Let me back up a bit. Our Christmas was good. Before Christmas my husbands sister and her husband stopped for a visit on their way from Vancouver, WA to San Diego and again in early Jan. on their way home. We had a good visit both times. Our youngest son was here for Christmas and we had a good visit. On the 1st of the year our oldest and her family were here for a few days. Always good to see them and our grandchildren. A week after they left both our boys were here for a few days, and Eric's girlfriend also (we get along well, very nice). So we had an open door for a few weeks. My husbands words after the boys left were "Well, I guess the holidays are finally over for us." I guess so, what could I say.

Toward the end of the month we went to Santa Barbara to visit with Keith and do some sight seeing. I posted a few pictures, of course afterwards I remembered~~ they post backwards from how you put on. So here goes.

The day we went home we went to the Santa Barbara Mission. We had gone in August when we were there, but not inside. This time we went inside. It was a nice visit, but very much like the others we have seen except for the personal touches, and that it is much larger then some of the other missions. Of course, not to mention that when you look out to the ocean the view is still fantastic. It is the oldest mission still in use in Calif. They have mass as well as it is used for "religious" conferences, etc.
.The second day we were there we went to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. That was amazing. I have not visited any and I wanted to see this after watching a special on TV about it. It is the only presidential library that has an actual retired Air Force One plane housed there.
It is the same plane that Reagan used during his presidency. He flew over 600,000 hours in this plane (don't remember the exact number ~~ though we told it). We did get a chance to go inside, though they allow no photography inside. The reason being is that (even though told not to) people will forget to turn the flash off on their camera's. As you know, flash photography can ruin artifacts, over time. To date, his is the only PL that has an actual sized replica of the oval office, nice. The first PL started with Hoover. There are 2 in Calif. the rest are either in the Midwest or back east somewhere.

The day we arrived, it was to early to check into our hotel room, so we went to the beach to see some of the sights. This is what we saw, clean up of some of the boats/yachts that were destroyed in the previous weeks storm. K posted some pictures on his Facebook the day after the storm that showed many beached vessels. If you click on any of the pictures you can see more detail.

So sad.

Hit something and lost much of my post.
I am getting back into activities at church. I have recently joined the Thurs. eve Women's Bible study. We are doing a Beth Moore Bible Study, entitled 'Breaking Free.'
I am also going back to SS with my hubby. I kinda enjoyed having a little time to myself Sunday mornings, but my reason for not going (initially) is now going elsewhere. It was someone whose style I didn't enjoy, but that excused ended a long time ago. Besides, since we got a new pastor 2 years ago many new people have joined and I do not know them, so how else but by being a little more social and attending events, etc.
Today I am sorting some of my teacher stuff, getting ready for a yard sale I hope to have in March sometime. I will make fliers and take them to the office, or, my supervisor said to e-mail them and she will make copies to give to all the teaching staff in the Child Dev.
I also list my yard sales on Craig's list.
Later I will do a slide show of some of my pictures from my visit. Much to do today.
God Bless and have a Great Day!

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