Thursday, October 17, 2013


It is about time I put something here.  I think of this all the time but try to spend as little time on the computer as possible, except when I need to, so I can get other stuff done. Like I said, I try, alas I still am on here more then I need to be.  I love blogging, so am going to try and do more, with more, current updates

Yesterday was an emotional roller-coaster, isn't everyday, when you have family.  My oldest son's girlfriend broke her right foot, at the base of the big toe and two other small bones, now she is in a cast.  She tripped on a hose she didn't see and fell, exactly all the details I do not know.  Then yesterday afternoon my daughter-in-law was doing dishes and a glass broke on her, cutting her at the base of her thumb.  When my son sent me a picture it defiantly looked as if she needed to see a doctor and possible get stitches plus a current tetnus shot.  Long story short, she had stitches and got the shot.  At first the doctor thought she may have cut a tendon, but she did not.  I waited up until 11 last night to hear, so I went to bed late.  As messages this morning go, there is pain and the emotional pain of being wrapped up, but both ladies will be alright, they both sought medical treatment and got the fix on the injuries.

So now I am planning a few days away next week.  Going to Half Moon Bay to visit my sister-in-law.  The hubby will survive just fine here, after all there are 4 cats to keep him company.

God Bless your day

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