Friday, January 21, 2011

Time out!

Christmas came and family came. We had a wonderful but short time/visit with our daughter's family (which include our only grandchildren at this time). Our oldest son and his girlfriend (kitties included) were here, also, so we had a houseful. Our youngest son did not get Christmas off, so we had a mini celebration with him and his girlfriend. We made him a Christmas dinner to his liking a couple days before. Of course our youngest spent her last Christmas in S. Korea~~ as our son-in-law is being stationed at Fort Bliss, TX in the spring. When everyone left the house seemed so empty, as it always does. We do miss having family close by, but we also understand that their reasons for living where they do. Job's took us away from family when our children were young, also. Living by family is such a blessing, but unfortunately life does not always give us those choices. Dan and I enjoy having family and when they are gone we enjoy each other and do many things together. We stay involved in activities at church, which has recently started doing a homeless ministry. He stays involved in the men's Bible study and I will start in the women's study in a week or two.

When my mom moved in with us, her dog was not to friendly to the cats, thus our cats became house cats. We will start letting them outside when the weather warms in the spring, now that we no longer have a dog. The cats are banned from the bedrooms, however, Chloe still likes to bring us "treats" during the night and day. We heard her one morning~ early~ around 3 or 4 and you see when she left in front of our door. The mouse I understand~~she likes to carry it around~~ but I am still a bit puzzled as to why the dinosaur? She has done this during the day also, the dino and mouse. She stand there so proud of her "prizes".

Our oldest son had reconstructive nose and throat surgery, specifically a septoplasty and uvulopalotopharyngoplasty, (for sleep apnea) a couple weeks ago. He came here for recovery, along with his girlfriend and 2 cats. He left today for home, as he will return to work next week, his cats stayed.

Josephine, seen here under the Christmas tree, will be 16 years next month. She is doing fairly well for an old lady. She is showing slight signs of kidney issues and has been put on a special diet and supplements (which she doesn't care for much). She is also going into the vets next week to get 2 teeth extracted. Once the bad teeth are gone we are expecting to see an increased appetite as her teeth won't hurt anymore. And the other cat is still a kitten.

Pumpkin is a 5 1/2 month old kitten full of energy. He will go in to the vets a week after Josephine to get fixed. In the meantime, he is funny to watch, chasing the other cats. He just wants to play! They need their exercise anyway.
I checked out a gym about 3 miles from us. The gym that was close by (walking distance) closed last Feb. I miss working out, it made me feel better. Even if Dan doesn't want to join, I think I will. The gym is busy, but there is plenty of equipment and a pool. That is my other thought!!!!
God Bless for now

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