Saturday, May 29, 2010

Clearing oout.

We cleared out my mom's storage, finally. She has been gone for 4 1/2 years now, it was time. I also figured it was time for me to start thinning out some of my school supplies. This corner, near our garage, is what it looked like the day before the yard sale. Boxes of things! Some were my mom's, not important heirlooms or anything like that, just stuff. Some of it my school supplies. Things I wasn't going to use again. It is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate teaching for some 22 years. Some of the books I had multiple copies of for my listening center. Yes the district does give you money for supplies, but somethings you just buy out of your own pocket because they don't have purchase orders for those stores. It isn't like you spend it all at one time, it is an accumulation of years of collecting.

We set up the storage when my dad passed away so the 11 1/2 years of dust kicked my asthma up real bad, to the worst it has ever been. It has been very windy here so with the dust and pollen I am looking forward to some cleaner air for a week.

This is the day before the yard sale, setting up. Dan took the (one day a week he works) day off to help me set up and it did take most of the day. The tall book shelf ended up full of some of my curriculum books and children's books I have collected over the years for my classroom. I sent a flier to my former supervisor and she e-mailed it to staff, etc. in the program. Many teachers came out and went through the books, one stayed for 3 hours going through everything. I made a good amount, and that at selling the children's books for .25 cents each. That wasn't half my books. I need to finish going through things and will repeat this in the fall, a couple weeks after school has started. After the initial set up of the classrooms and meeting parents, etc. All the things that go on when school resumes. Except for the curriculum books that didn't sell, everything went to the Salvation Army after the yard sale (the same day). The curriculum books I will sell for $10.00 to a friend of my son's who is studing Child Development.
We cleaned out the shelves in my son's former room and took out the wall to wall shelves and hung them in the garage. Of course that meant cleaning out the going through what was there. Looks much better. Found his legos and washed them in the bathtub. Along with the legos, we found the binder with all the instructions for every set he received. That was a pleasant find as I had forgotten we had set that up for him. It will make it nice for our grandson to be able to reconstruct legos as he can look at the instructions.Posted by PicasaI still have so much to do, it seems unreal. However, we take a little at a time, and it will get done.
I subbed last week, and when I got home I told my husband I didn't want to do it anymore. Of course, I had decided when I retired last year, that one year of subbing was all I was going to do. I will always miss the children, but I am done with teaching and so far don't really miss much of it. Just the fun parts of activities with the kids.
We now are ready to leave for a weeks vacation tomorrow. We have the boat all hooked up to the truck, the truck is loaded with some of my mom's furniture that will go to my brother. I am looking forward to some boating and relaxing and catching up on some reading. We have no internet or tv at the lake. I can't see paying for cable when we aren't there all the time. We use our cell phones and don't have a landline connection anymore.
It is late and I am still not sleepy so I guess I had better go double check my last minute list.
God Bless I will post some fun pictures when we return.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kings Canyon

Went to Kings Canyon Nation Park the other day. I have never been there before, and after living here since 1993 it is about time. We took a picnic lunch and just enjoyed the day. However, I must say that if I am going to do any hiking where there is still snow (packed by tourists) I am going to have to get some boots that have traction. I really don't like sliding when I didn't intend to. The first is a view from the road. We went to "Roads End", which is the name of the end of the park. Beyond that is hiking and you need a permit for many of the areas. Below is the Kings River.

I took this one of Dan, while I was inside a fallen tree.

He wanted to get close to the river for some good shots. I need to download his pics now. You can see how treacherous the river is, and this is not the worst we saw of the white water.

Saw lots of the bear signs.

This is the famous "General Grant" tree. The trees were impressive, but after living in and amongst the 'Big Tree's in the sierras, they are just as impressive. I can honestly say I have seen the largest trees in the world, and my family also.
Grizzley Falls.
All in all it was a great day. The caverns opened the weekend after we were there, so we are thinking when my niece comes out this summer (from Ohio) we may just take a trip there a explore the caverns.

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