Saturday, April 21, 2012

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 Why change something that worked so well, to something more difficult to navigate!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012


 Talked with Georgia's daughter this morning.  She will have one valve replaced, most likely Sunday.  They will know for sure later today.  Her spirit is at peace, but her physical body is afraid.  That's what I hear.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


One of the ministries we have at church is with shut-ins. The woman who leads this ministry is Georgia. She is 75, a widow with 2 daughters and (I believe) 7 grandchildren. She is a living testimony to the word of God. She loves the Lord with all she has and worries she isn't doing enough. She amazes me with how busy she is, and all those who know and love her. She has a small dog, Misty, who she walks everyday (weather permitting) 2-4 and sometimes 6 miles a day. She does a weekly Bible Study with women at her complex and loves it, along with her shut-ins. Georgia does not drive anymore, so I drive her on some of the visits. She is wonderful, loves to sing along with visiting, doing a devotional and communion with the shut-ins. I enjoy doing this with her, she is such a delight and Godly inspiration.
Right now she is at the hospital, preparing for some valve replacements in her heart. Her heart valves are beginning to shut down and she is not getting enough oxygen. I will find out tomorrow when the surgery is scheduled, the family was meeting with the surgeon today.. They are requesting no visitors at this time, it wears her out, she loves to visit. She needs to stay quiet to maintain oxygen levels. I will call her daughter tomorrow.
I am glad we got to visit with her some yesterday.
If you read this, Georgia could use some prayers.

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