Monday, June 18, 2012

Wedding and a Visit

 Last weekend the daughter of a family we have known for many years was married.  Her oldest sister was Elizabeth's maid of honor when she was married.  She just graduated from Biola University in S. Cal., while he will continue with his studies.  I understand he plans on becoming a medical missionary.  It was at a park in Brea, in S. Calif.  The setting was very romantic.  They said their vows over looking the lake.  The table on the dock was where they took communion while we sang.  Very nice! 

 We first went to Ojai to visit with Keith.  We ended up setting up a tent and sleeping outside, on an airbed of course.  I tried to get a reservation and could not find any hotels that offered any rooms within a reasonable price anywhere close by.  Come to find out it was graduation weekend for UC Santa Barbara and over 4,000 people were expected to attend, thus all the affordable rooms were booked (probably some months in advance).  Had I known  that I would have started looked earlier, as we have known about the wedding for months.  But we did not know Keith was going to have to move so we would have booked in Santa Barbara at a hotel we usually stay at.  It worked out and we had a good weekend.

Elizabeth came down to go with me to the wedding, and she brought Winston with her.  He preceded to torment Sugar, who spent his time in the closet.  The cat is bigger then Winston and all he had to do was stare and Winston would have backed away.  However, since Keith just moved to this place the cat is still being kept inside and is a little fearful of the move and us. After we left Keith said he came out of the closet.
 The day after the wedding we went to a place called "Pete's Cafe" in Ventura for breakfast (Father's Day).  It was a place we saw on "Diner's, Drive-In's and Dive's" on the food channel. We enjoyed it.
 Liz came  with us, and after breakfast we went to a couple of beach parks where Elizabeth took a series of engagement pictures for them.  They also took some at a park in Ojai and around where Keith lives.
 Winston got his very first visit to a beach and wasn't to sure he liked the ocean waves.  I guess when you are that small even small waves look huge plus the water was cold, after all it is the Pacific Ocean.
 Keith slept on an airbed inside, the girls slept in the bed and we slept on an airbed in the tent I mentioned earlier.  We will be getting a new airbed soon, the one we used had a slow leak in it.  When he blew it up I remembered it and didn't realize we still had it.  I slept on it camping when I was pregnant with Elizabeth 26 years ago.  It leaked then.  When we both were on the bed it was OK, only when one of us got up did we then feel the cement under us. It did get more air put in it the next night before we retired.  We were only there 2 nights so it was bearable for these bones.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

So much going on

Georgia has been out of the hospital and rehab for a few weeks now.  She is going to physical therapy a couple days a week.  She still needs to take it slow and easy, after all heart surgery and valve replacement is major. I go over at least once a week to clean for her.  Her apt. is small and the cleaning and mopping can be done in a couple hours.  We visit, I walk her dog and she makes lunch for us both.  Occasionally when I go over I take her shopping, and of course those days are a bit longer. She misses her ministries, visiting shut ins and doing her Bible study group.  I pick her up for church and take her home after. Now that school is out another woman at church is able to go over and help. She will take over the cleaning when I am out of town.

We have a wedding in the L.A. area on Sat.  Dan, Elizabeth, Liz and I will head down to Ojai, to our son's place, in the morning.  Elizabeth and I will head to the wedding Sat. morning.  We have other stuff planned while there.  So it will be a good weekend.  Oh, and for those who know Winston, he is also going, not to the wedding  Dad get's to dog sit the chihuahua while we are at the wedding. He loves to walk and is a good traveler and on the leash. He will also get to meet Sugar the cat, a little bigger then he is.

In the meantime I have been switching around rooms so my niece can have a room of her own when she moves in.  It is hard to believe that she will be here next week.  With all I do and the kids coming to visit I haven't gotten as much done as I'd like.  The bed is in and next week, after we return from Ojai I will have 2 days to finish.  It will be ready for her with the exception of the closet.  I had turned the room into my craft room so the closet is full.  I have another closet to clear out and then  I can move some drawers full of material, sewing supplies and other supplies.  Looks like I am going to have a huge garage sale sometime around the middle of July to the beginning of August.  At which time I will be also making flower girls dresses, and finishing a quilt for my nieces wedding the end of June. Oh, around the middle of July we are going to start getting ready to replace the flooring in our dining area and kitchen.  We'll do the counters and redo the cabinets next year sometime.
I will do the Bridal shower the beginning of August, but that will be at the church so I won't have to worry about the "floors" at my house.  That date will be set soon.
Think I'll go pack now.
God Bless

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Punkin and a Rug Rat baby

 While sorting through some boxes of kiddie toys, I came across a baby rug rat toy from a kids meal somewhere.  I wound it up for Punky and he didn't know what to think.  The pictures speak for him. 

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