Monday, July 9, 2012

Change of plans

Our niece was suppose to arrive on June 20th, at San Francisco Airport.  We made our plans to pick her up and then head over to our daughter's for a couple days.  Our son-in-law is an art student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, which has a Spring Show going on. the story goes, we were going to take our niece to the show while there, as we had planned on going anyway.  Also, because our niece is interested in a future with art.  She loves to draw.  Two days before her arrival she called and said she wanted to spend more time with her mom, so she made changes to her flight.  She is due to arrive at SFO Aug. 2.  We sure hope so.  She wants to go to school and work and has a better chance here then her hometown.  Why, because she lives in a very small town where the large shopping is done at Kmart.  There are no colleges where she lives without moving away from home to the city (which isn't close by).  We will wait and see what happens, hoping she will come. 
She has a boyfriend now and I really do not know how serious she is.  It's not as if she can never go home again, but to get ahead sometimes you do need to move on.

As it was, we went on up to our daughter's, as planned.  Here she is trying to get her dogs to pose, which they never did.
 This is some of the art there.   One of the pictures is his, but I do not feel I can post it alone without his permission.
 We rode BART into the city, then walked the rest of the way.  The building was past Pier 39.  It was a good walk.  The ride back on BART was later, with commuters on their way home, kinda jammed in  there like sardines.  I was told it's not usually that full. 

 We ate at a Mexican restaurant that was in another part of the same building the art show is in.
We had an enjoyable couple of days, sad our niece was't there to enjoy it also.

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