Sunday, July 25, 2010

June & July madness

I haven't had much time to blog the last few weeks, having company for much of the time. I have posted some photos of the goings on here. Click view all images for a better look.
Our oldest daughter came out from Colorado for a week long visit, with the kids. We enjoyed the visit very much as were sad when it was time for them to go home. While here we had fun. The kids played in the little blow up pool outside when it was hot, and met the neighbor kids (close in age) and had fun playing with them. We went boating, which was good for the the kids this time. We found a beach at which to stop and play: we also took along food for lunch. Brandon busied himself making a fort by dragging long branches from the beach to the tree we sat under. Needless to say that just a couple weeks later his fort was under 6-8 feet of water (the lake fills up from some upper reservoirs that fill from the snow melt). Caitlin was busy playing in the water and having grandpa bury her in the sand. It was a great time.

The day after the kids went home, our niece from Ohio came out for a 4 week visit. Just 19 and just graduated from high school. While here we did some shopping and she got a new hair do. We went to Santa Barbara to visit with Keith and she loves the ocean. Now she lives close to Lake Erie so it isn't as if she never sees large waters, she does, but then the ocean is different. Shortly after getting to SB we went to the beach and she found a shark's tooth (which we made a necklace she designed, after we got home). We went to the Santa Barbara zoo, which is right there with an oceans view. Saw a school of porpoises outside the jetty and a 'Sailing 101" class in the harbor. She got to do a few things for the 1st time, (due to economic reasons) like eating dinner on the wharf at a seafood resturant that we like. We visited a maritime museum and just hung out and had fun. At the beach park, where Keith works, is some natural flowing oil/tar, coming from the sides of the cliffs. There is quite a history with the tar and the native Americans that lived there.

She went to our youth group one night, and had a blast. There was a big 4th of July picnic at church and while it was a long day, later she was able to have some fun with the youth there and loves to play volleyball.

Some of Keith's friends came over and they went to a teahouse, and that was also enjoyable for here. At home, we took her boating.

Keith came down and we went boating again and he did some kneeboarding, she just wanted to swim~~ having dome some tubing the week before. The also went out and hung out with some of his friends.

We went to Kings Canyon National Park so she could see some of the 'big trees' and we also went to Boyden Caves. That was something we hadn't done and it was time well spent. Though I must say that the hike to the caves does have a short but very steep part, and I did have to stop to catch my breath. It was a guided tour and the caverns were amazing.

We took her to San Francisco Airport for her flight back to Ohio last Wednesday. We missed her soon afterwards. Stopped at IKEA on the way home for a few things. We then stopped to visit with oldest son, in Morgan Hill. It was a hard day for him, his cat of 15 years had kidney failure and he was having her put down. She was the sweetest cat, so friendly and loving. We will all miss her.

While doing all this I started a quilting class. I missed the 1st class (vacation) and the last class (Santa Barbara) but will be able to make them up. The instructor has as afternoon class also, and the next 3 weeks there is class. I talked with her, and if I am unable to make those classes (which I will do 2) I have the option of setting up a time and going to her house to finish. Which may be the case as the week of the last class I have jury duty, so that is a wait and see case. I will get my sewing done up to where I am suppose to be, having the center of my quilt pieced together, the next classes will be doing the boarders adding the backing (& batting) and edging.

Now that I have done an update, I will spend a little time catching up on other friends blogs. Having company was great, but my niece can spend hours on the computer~~

It has been and busy but fun time, and now it is just us 2 again and that is ok also!

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