Friday, October 30, 2009

The day before Halloween! WOW

I have started half a dozen posts to my blog since my last one. Seems something was always going on and I saved them and never finished. I will admit that for about a week and half after my aunt passed away (Sept. 29) and then my cousin (her first born) I had a hard time. For a better understanding I am posting a photo that was taken when we were younger. Ages are approximate give or take a few months. My sister (on the swing) 3rs, me ( 6 1/2) my aunt (10 1/2) younger brother on the ground (5) my older brother (8 1/2) all together we 5 were born with in a 7 1/2 year time frame. So we grew up as siblings, not as nieces, nephews and aunt. So the feelings I have had are as if I'd lost my older sister. She married at a young age, and that relationship ended as he was physically abusive to her. So as I got older we did more things together, activities, dates, etc. My husband (we weren't married then) introduced her to her husband (they were married 42 years) I was her maid of honor. I married a year later. Our children grew up together, we went camping together. The things you do with family. The last few years we weren't in touch as much, she liked her privacy, but we did see each other occassionally as well as talk on the phone. Her husband and I share the same birth date, separated by 5 years, so occasionally we'd have a happy birthday phone conversation. I'd talk with him, then her. Always fun. She died from complications from pneumonia, and other health issues she had. Then within a week of her passing her first born passed away. He had gone into the hospital 2 days after she was admitted. Neither knew about the other. He passed from complications due to diabetes. They had a double service for them. It was well done, but hard to do. I still get very teary eyed if I spend to much time thinking about it. Of course I know it is harder for those they left behind, a husband, 2 son's, a daughter and 3 grandchildren, a dad, brothers, sister, nieces and nephew. So, I ask for prayer for this family.

Now as I look at the calendar, I think I am ready for all the little trick ~0r ~treaters coming our way, and we get bunches. I hope the snow at my daugherts in Colorado doesn't mess up their Halloween.
Around 8:30 I turn out the lights and we retreat to the family room. By then families start coming in carloads from other areas, and I am done. Little one's should be in by then. Even when my kids were older and went out, they found that feet work wonders for traveling. My older kids grew up in areas where we had to go to civilized areas, but the younger ones have lived in towns most of their life.

♥ ♥
The children have all flown the coup. Elizabeth is in S.Korea with her husband, as she should be. I am not thrilled at the distance, but it is not forever. We do plan on going over sometime next year for a visit. I will set dates later, I need to find out when/if my brother and his wife are really going to come out for a visit from NY. Being retired I am no longer held down by a school schedule.
My oldest and her family in Colorado.
Our son's each live within 3-4 1/2 hours from here, so we will get to see them more often.
After Elizabeth left in Aug. it had been 39 1/2 years since we had been child free.
Do I miss them? Yes.

But it just means more places for us to go visit.
Since I have retired: I am subbing and volunteering some time at the schools. I subbed 2 days last week, as that teacher lost her voice. Well, that doesn't go well with a class of 4 year olds. It was fun.. I am helping with child care for our Church's MOPS group 2 days a month, and I am helping out our wonder person who works with the shut in's at our church. And many other activities at home.
I have had friends ask if I get bored. I have procrastinated, wasted time, read, etc., but not bored. I think I don't know what it is like to be bored. There is always something to do, even if I don't want to do it.
I am hoping to have some dresses finished by next week for my granddaughter, so it is time for me to go. Dan is working today and it gives me time to do somethings here, that I can't do when others are here (underfoot).
God Bless

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