Friday, February 27, 2009


We had a pleasant surprise yesterday. Because of a clerical error Ryan has been able to come home until Sunday. You can imagine Elizabeth's delight.

I had planned on cleaning the refrigerator yesterday, but put it off until today ~ because of school stuff. I am hoping to sort through some more of my clutter this weekend, and in a few weeks get enough stuff together for a yard sale. Tomorrow would be perfect, it is suppose to be 74 degress, and then a week of rain. Alas, I am not ready. Tomorrow is Dan's birthday, so I shall worry about that instead.

I mentioned I was taking a Photoshop class. I am learning interesting things on how to work the program, much of which I will never use. There is a graphic arts student in the class, and a fashion student ~ I can see them using parts I will not. But, it is interesting. Hard to stay awake when he shows the videos, they are so technical. It isn't boring, but tedious and I know in the end I will be grateful to know what I am learning. For those who know Photoshop it is from CS3 and some of CS4 stuff, translated Photoshop 12 & 13.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Days Ahead ♥

I've had a little difficulty blogging lately, only because of what I am going to blog about. I have read the blogs of others, and am faithfully praying for those and whom I have told I would pray about. God is glorious and has infinite wisdom, power and love for all of human kind. His ways are not always our ways, nor does He answer prayer the way we always want. But it it is one thing I know He has our interest at heart and even if prayer isn't answered the way we want, it is answered for our benefit and His glory.

Today our daughter is moving back home, temporarily. Her new husband is leaving for San Jose, to MEPS. Thursday he is heading for Missouri, then on Monday the 2nd he is heading for his duty station in S. Korea. When she joins him permanently we don't know for sure. This isn't exactly what they were hoping for after they got married in Nov. but it seems God has other plans. They have plans, and have discussed this a lot and have made dissions. So at this point I am asking for prayer for them, and their plans ♥. I pray for God to go before him to keep him safe.

God bless and have a good day ♥

Friday, February 13, 2009

Party day!

Valentine's day is tomorrow, but because it is a Saturday school parties are today! I put out sign ups for parents to bring goodies to school for the children, and I try hard to have a list of healthy foods, fruits and vegetable for the children along with a few chips and dip and "real" juice, not punch or soda. Maybe a couple others like cookies or a cupcake (did you notice single, not plural cupcake). The kids do not eat the cupcakes, they just lick off the frosting. Cupcakes seem to be what we always have the most of. I really wish parents would try and stick to the list when they bring in goodies. Why not bring in crackers and cheese, a trail mix or granola mix. Those really are a big hit! (no peanuts this year due to peanut allergies) I realize they are just trying to be helpful and I am grateful. At times I have told parents no cupcakes because they just don't eat them very well and I feel it is wasted money and I don't want them to spend their money needlessly.
When they do birthdays and a parents brings in cupcakes, and that is all besides juice~ the children do eat them and they are not wasted.

I had plenty of parent/grandparent help today, which make things go much smoother~ as a 4/5 year old in preschool really needs help in handing out valentines. I do not send home a class list with names. I have the children sign their names on their cards, and that's it. The kids sit in a circle and have their decorated bags in front of them on the floor. A few at a time, with an adult helping them they go around and drop a card in each bag. It is a fairly smooth process and much quicker and faster then if their were names on the cards. There are 24 in my class. All the kids were ready with their cards, except for the 2 kids that brought their cards in, not ready to put in bags. One child just handed out the suckers, the other needed help with his "Cars" valentines and the tiny tattoos that went in them. We cut, folded and passed out the cards. With 4 of us working on them, one separating, one cutting tattoos (me) one folding and one passing out ~ we got them done in a timely manner. Things were actually going along very smoothly.

I must say this first before I go on~ It was a very rainy and stormy morning!

While the children were passing out valentine cards, my other staff and parents were setting up their plates with food. (at least this way we have some control over the junk food). It is now 11:05, class is out at 11:30. Plenty of time to relax, and they can eat and 'talk' with their friends. Clean up should be easy and they go home. Well, at 11:15, we had a firedrill! Of all times and all days with the rain and party! It was rainy outside. The parents helped us get their jackets on, we had plenty of umbrellas ~ plus I have 2 golf sized ones at the school we got the children lined up,emergency cards, etc, etc, etc, that we needed and headed out to the field with the rest of the school. The field was wet and muddy. By the time we headed back the rain had stopped, fortunately. And at this time they won't have enough time to eat. As other parents came in to pick up their children we were covering their plates and explaining why they were taking their food home. Fortunately I had some parents stay and help us clean up in a timely manner.

As I read my school e-mail after class, the firedrill was an accident and should not have happened. Oh well, it is over now, and we got our practice in for the semester!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Rest Day.

I have been feeling a little out of it the last few days. I think I caught one of the colds the little ones bring to school. Parents will tell me their child is sick but they didn't want to miss class, so here they are. None the less, I will still tell the parent their child is better off at home resting ~ SO, not only will they get better, but they won't expose their illness to the other children in class. I believe that many, but not all, parents think that colds are harmless in group settings. I am really glad not all parents think that and will keep their child home until they are better and I am not sending them home. Actually, I really don't know what the parent is thinking.
We had today off for Lincolns birthday, so I got to rest some more. The guys were gone all day so I had the house to myself. I did some mundane chores and some errands, plus lessons and rested.

I purchase crickets for the gecko about once a month. No matter how careful I am one cricket always seems to escape. Usually we know this either by the crickets singing or the cats looking around in unusual spaces in the front room near the cage. They will actually eat a cricket if it is caught. I walked in the room and saw them around the cage as the crickets were singing. After I took the picture I shooed them away and rearranged the heat lamp on top so the cats can't get on top. I don't want to replace the screen.

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