Thursday, October 6, 2011


I have wanted to blog about this since last April. Some pretty amazing news!!
I have done a couple Bible Studies series with Beth Moore (video), Breaking Free and Revelation. Last Oct. when I heard she would be in town for a conference (April, 2011) I was excited. I figured I would double up with some of the women in our church, but then I had a very strong feeling that God was saying "No, you will take Nicki." So I told my husband that God wanted me to take Nicki, my eldest sons girlfriend. So I asked her when they were here in Nov. if she wanted to go with me, and she said yes. I felt that God wanted us to go together and not with anyone from our church, so I purchased our tickets online.
I was willing to drive 3 hours to pick her up at her parents house, but our son picked her up and brought her to his place. So we only had a 2 hour drive up and then 2 hours back to get her, and yes my husband did go with me. This was the Friday of the conference that night, April 1, 2011.We got back to the house in time to relax and have some food before the conference.
We enjoyed the music and Beth Moore that night and went home to prepare for the next day.
Sat. was a big day, especially when Beth Moore asked people if they wanted to come forward, during a break time. I went to get Nicki something to eat and drink and pick up a book and DC I wanted. When I got back she had gone forward. I went down and joined her. During this time (before I joined her) she had personally seen and talked with Beth Moore and they had prayed together. BM had gone back on stage and I remained with Nicki and the woman she was talking with, not really listening to what was being said on stage, more paying attention to the current conversation. Nicki had given her life to Jesus, what a Blessing!! We went back to our seats, talked and listened to the rest of the conference, purchased a couple more items and went home. I told her it wasn't going to be easy, especially as she has a very powerful testimony that Satan does not want out.
She wanted to be baptized, so I called our pastor that afternoon and related her story. Eric came up that night after work, so he was there when she was baptized. Our pastor said something that I had to pursure finding out about. And that was: what we did not hear, during the conference when we were up front was a comment BM said to the audience "6,500 women came to this conference and only 1 came forward, and her name is Nicki." Yes God will do that.

She has her struggles, and it's not easy for her. Her parents are not believers, so I ask who ever reads this to pray for Nicki and her parents. Nicki is adopted and is a drug baby and has bi-polar disorder, so she has struggles that many of us do not have.
We bought her a Bible and several other study aids to help her along. She does not live close so it is not always easy to communicate. Yes we have phones and internet but it isn't the same as being there in person to talk.

God Bless

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