Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012


 Visiting our youngest and her husband this weekend.  Going to a craft/period fare called the Dickens Fair (my daughter and I) and looking forward to it.
She purchased a little outfit for Winston, and even though he wears it we aren't sure he likes it.  He walks and shakes his hind legs as if he is trying to shake it off.  Very funny.

 We are sharing our time with a "Flat First Grader" our granddaughter sent us, for a school project.  We have taken her many places and have many pictures.  Here a a few.

Going out to breakfast, after going to yardsales.

Next to grandpa's 1955 Studebaker.
 After helping decorate the Christmas tree.
 Ready to go.

A rainy day in Yosemite.

She has had other adventures, with pictures!

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