Thursday, August 25, 2011

A bit behind!!!

We had a great visit with our daughter and her family in June. It wasn't long enough for us, but they were visiting different family and friends at different places, so I think by the end of their trip they were ready to be home. I know that feeling.
Above is Caitlin in her "twirly" skirt.

Brandon was making a "mask."

Once they found out they were "big" enough for our pool they were in it everyday. The pictures are out of order, we boated then they went into the pool.

Because the lake we go to is a reservoir the water fluctuates during the summer. We try to stop at the same 'beach' when we go out. It is nice (for a reservoir). The tree in the water is the tree Brandon built a "fort" in last summer. B explored the beach, however, C found some goggles in the boat so she and grandpa played in the water.. The water has been higher then normal because the snow at Yosemite was quite a bit above normal.

C loves the cats and loves to climb the cat tower. It was a great time with cherished memories.

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