Friday, October 15, 2010


Today is Friday, Oct. 15. We have been gone since the 1st and will not be home until Tue. or Wed. We are thankful that a neighbor was a good friend before he was a neighbor, as he is going in and taking care of our cats and keeping an eye on our place. Keith was there last week-end so he checked things out.
We are on the last leg of our journey, at my sisters in Oregon. Sunday we will go to our place at the lake, and then either Tue. or Wed. we will go home and it is time.

We enjoyed our stay in Victoria. The last day we were there it rained in the evening. We watched whales, while standing in front of the ferry, on the way to Port Angeles. Stayed in and B&B there. I am afriad that B&B's are a little pricey for us
We enjoyed the sight seeing and will post pics when we return home.

The beach was nice and we enjoyed early morning walks at low tide. That is Dan and I enjoyed the walks, while the others slept.
Even though fun, I am ready to be home again.

God Bless

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