Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Elizabeth & Ryan left yesterday. They are going to his sisters, where they will look for a place to live in the Bay Area. He starts school on the 30th at the Art Academy. They have been here since right after Thanksgiving and life has been a little different . As anxious as we are for them to have their own lives together, it still is a little hard seeing them go. We both feel a little empty. On the bright side, they need to move on with their lives and what is happening for them. AND, at least they are not in S.Korea and are just a few hours away, that is liveable.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Went to Monterey to the aquarium on Wed. Elizabeth and Ryan went with us. It has been 3 1/2 years since our last visit there and it is nice to see some of the changes. The above photo shows an area designed for children. There are lots of crawly spaces and hands on for the little ones. Places for parents to sit while their little ones can play and let go of some energy. Sure would have been nice when ours were little.

Sea turtles, sharks, and so much more. Just a fun day.
This dragon sea horse is a beauty, but it was hard to get a decent picture as it kept moving. Being persistent, I finally was able to get a nice picture. The marvel of digital photography, take a dozen or more photos so you have a chance at getting a decent one.
You can see the day was beautiful.
Looking at penguins. I didn't post it, but there was an exhibit for Puffins, which was nice. The only other aquarium I have seen Puffins is in Newport, OR.

Monday, January 2, 2012

December 2011

Ryan got his early leave from the Army, so he and Elizabeth were able to join us at her sisters for Thanksgiving, in Colorado. We had a wonderful time visiting our daughter and her husband and of course the grand kids. Sadly after a week we needed to head home. We took Elizabeth and Ryan's dogs home with us ~ while they spent a couple days hiking the gorge at the Grand Canyon. The dogs rode well in the car, which was nice as we drove it in 2 days.
The picture above shows Elizabeth on the computer and I just love the way Winston was relaxing!
Keith turned 27 this year, doesn't seem like it. He came up and had some friends over for his birthday. We had a dinner at the church so we were not there, but when we got home there were still some of his friends over. They had fun.
I love this little candy mouse that a friend made for us. It gives me ideas for next year.
Guinness is a well behaved dog in the house. He is loving, gentle, kind, a good dog. However, we have cats (indoor cats) and that is one thing he doesn't like. I am not worried about the cats but I do worry about the destruction that could happen when he is chasing them. I really wish he liked them because he really is a very well behaved dog in the house. He spends time outside but when we bring him in we put him in the hallway.
Winston decided he was ready for Christmas.
He looked real cute sitting under the Christmas tree.
Keith came up on the 23rd, and he and his fiance went to her moms for Christmas Eve then came back on Christmas morning. Her family likes to open presents right after midnight, on Christmas morning.
We had a wonderful Christmas Eve service at church. I was amazed and happy at the amount of people in attendance. Sunday morning was wonderful also, so many people came to church to celebrate the birth of our Lord!!!!
We opened Christmas gifts with Elizabeth and Ryan (before church), later they went to his parents. We joined them that afternoon~ after Keith and Liz got home, for Christmas dinner. While it may seem strange for some that we shared Christmas dinner with our daughters in-laws, we used to do that with both sets of my grandparents, occasionally, at Christmas time, when I was growing up. It was a very enjoyable time.
We took dessert over. I had always wanted to make a Yule Log, so when Ryan mentioned dessert and something chocolate I decided to try my hand at making Yule Log. It actually was much easier and simpler then I thought it would be. The decorations I made using Marzipan and a mold. It was enjoyed. We also took over pumpkin pie and some cookies Dan made.
It was a Blessed day!

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