Sunday, April 29, 2007

See what came to visit me tonight!

Alex brought his boa over tonight to share with me. He knows how I feel about snakes and reptiles. She is only about half her adult size, and is about 8 months old. I have known Alex and his family since Keith was in jr. high. He and his family just bought a house behind us.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Wet and cold.

It is kinda wet, cold and rainy (gloomy) outside this morning. I love the rain, so let it rain good. I dislike the gloom and darkness of just showers. Looks like it will be a good day for a fire in the fireplace, and then of course all the cats will lay in front of the fire to keep warm. Jonah will let Jade or Chloe warm up a spot then he will come and intimidate them - they will leave and he will get his spot already warmed up for him. Let me be a cat for just 24 hours and see how well I can sleep. I will find a nice warm spot and just curl up and snooze for all it's worth.
As you can see Chloe and Jonah found the fire and Jadie just curled up under a blanket, on my lap. Squirt he was next to the heater in the front room.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Something I read while waiting for my turn in the dentist chair. The title of the article was "10, 10, 10". Referring to 10 minutes, 10 months, 10 years. The writer went on and explained after a major devastating decision- that she now made major decisions on how it would effect her, (her family and her life) in 10 minutes, in 10 months and in 10 years down the road. It was a very good article and had some very good points in it. I am going to try to apply some of that. Some major decisions may not be realized 10 years down the road. An example of a good one was when we decided to put aside a little each month for our children's college to help them get along/started. That was good, bad decisions may have been my working full time when my 2 youngest were little, but that wasn't really a choice in Monterey (I regret not having been there for them like I was for my other kids). When I was able to go part time that was a good decision that was livable 10 minutes, 10 months and 10 years down the road.

Disappointments in life, well you get over disappointments and move on. Regrets, they stay with you in one form or another forever. I am so glad that we have a Forgiving God.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Taxes are done, and my cultural report is done and I presented it tonight. I think I can sleep in peace.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Free today!

Here is one of the "Painted Lady" butterflys in the container, awaiting releasing.

Only 2 of the butterflys has flyable wings, 2 came out of the cocoons with deformed wings. The children sat around the container for about 5 minutes before the butterflys flew away. They both flew to the grass and sat there again for about 5 minutes before they finally took off and flew up and over the buildings at the school.
Of course the children all cheered them on.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A bit fuzzy

I know these photos are a bit blurry, and even though I tried to fix them it doesn't work for me. Anyway, I will try and get some more clear ones later.

Notice the bright yellow spot in the middle of the photo. This was taken on a tree at my work, it is a cluster of ladybug eggs getting ready to hatch.
The next photo is one of the caterpillers which finally emerged from the cocoon as a 'Painted lady" butterfly. Notice the empty cocoon's next to the butterfly. 2 emerged unscathed, and 3 emerged with twisted and deformed wings. Because their life as a butterfly is only 1-2 weeks long I will keep the deformed ones and feed them (sweet Williams - butterfly flower - which grows abundently in my front yard.) We will have a butterfly party and school and the children will release the 2 healthy ones, on a non windy or rainy day.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dentist visits and midterms don't mix

I had a midterm tonight, which might not have been so bad if I hadn't spent 3 hours in a dentist chair yesterday instead of 3 hours studying. I knew I should have changed my dental appointment but didn't, and a sore mouth last night and today didn't help my studying.
I went in yesterday so a repair could be made to a crown and tooth which was dissoving bone, that was fixed ok. Then there was the fix to the broken crown which when off it was discovered that the tooth had died so I needed a root canal and then there was the infection. The root canal and infection were totally not expected. Thus I was there from 3:25 to 6:20 P.M. Not fun, but at least it is over. The midterm, well that's over too, thank heaven for extra credit.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Guess I can't edit my blog. Oops, Keith's first date, not day.


Easter was good. Had a good sermon at church, wonderful guest speaker. His daughter was Keith's first date to the Winter Formal when he was a freshman in high school, so we have known the family for awhile.
Eric was here, and Elizabeth invited Cari to dinner. Nothing out of the ordinary, we haven't colored or hunt eggs in a few years. Dad had to have his hard boiled eggs so he made his own.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Vacation

It was a good visit with Rochelle, Brandon and Caitlin.

Aunt Elizabeth and Caitlin
My girls! Rochelle, Elizabeth and Caitlin.

Caitlin (finally) got her Raggedy Ann doll. We took Brandon to Build A Bear, and he got Glugga Bear. That way when the move happens he will have a piece of Grandma and Grandpa's heart and hugs. Keith and Elizabeth also gave some of their hugs to Glugga Bear for Brandon to take with him.

Brandon and his Glugga Bear with Grandma and Grandpa

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