Thursday, April 22, 2010

Garden items

Planted some carrot seeds earlier in the year. Thought it might be time to pull some. We have been using them, and they are good. However, since we haven't planted carrots before we did not realize they need to be thinned in the garden. You can see the results. We even got a white carrot (albino). Needless to say as it is void of color, it is also void of any kind of flavor, totally tasteless, not even a hint of any flavor. That is a first for us. I will get a little more ambitious next week and pull some more.

This is one of my favorite roses. The blossoms are big, when fully opened. This one is about half way open. I heard a knock on my door last weekend. A gentleman and his young son were driving by and saw the roses, he asked if he could cut one for a bouquet he was putting together for his mother-in-law as it was her birthday. That was admirable of him since most people just take one as they walk by. He was, also, teaching his son a lesson about asking (the boy was around 7). The rose is on the corner, next to the street.

On a more somber note.
We were going downtown to purchase a book. It had rained quite a lot on Tuesday so I didn't want to go out, it was quite a storm. Wednesday they said more rain, but we weren't expecting the same. As we left the house it was beginning to shower some, but not to heavy. By the time we got to the freeway it was a very heavy downpour. Fortunately for us the traffic was light as the shock we were about to get was incrediable. Shortly after entering the freeway Dan made a commet and started to slow down, I looked up and saw this car coming right at us as it was spinning on the freeway. I just knew it was going to hit us, but it didn't it went right by us by a foot and hit the guardrail then bounced back into the middle of the freeway. We had stopped by now, and waited a minute or 2, the car slowly drove to the side of the road. Dan got out to see if she was ok, another truck stopped behind us to see also. I told him I didn't know and that I was calling 911. We were near another exit, I stayed on the phone with 911 as we followed her to a gas station where she pulled in. The dispatcher said there would be an emergency vehicle going to the gas station to make sure she was alright. The car was a mess, the rear end completly smashed in on the left side where she hit. People need to realize when driving in rain like that, slow down. I remember seeing cars going off the road left and right when I lived in snow country. Sometimes even a 4-wheel drive won't help. Caution is very real and senses need to be used. As we drove away from the gas station (after D. got out and talked with her again) D. said "Praise the Lord!" amen to that. God is good!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rain storm

We had quite a rain storm on Monday. We didn't get any hail, however many surrounding areas did. It was quite a down pour with lots of thunder. You can see the rain on one side of our house, and an amazing rainbow on the otherside of the house. Because the sky was still very gray you cannot see the vivid colors.

Whenever I see the rainbows it reminds me of Gods promises!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fun, random pictures

I think this is a fun picture of the truck in front of the "Calistoga" bottling plant in Calistoga. They don't have it on, but in the past the 'radiator' had a large spray of water coming out of it. {If you click or double click on any of the pictures they will enlarge} We had a good time at the lake (last week), my brother and his son were there. It rained Sunday night and into Monday. We then had a real good rain early Tuesday morning. Sat. thru Tues. without TV or internet, we did get some radio. We got some reading in, went to see "How to Train Your Dragon" (real cute), drove around and got some work done around the place. It was relaxing. The lake level is up, this is at the county park where we launch the boat.

This at Lakeport park, and this goose isn't just talking, he was going up and really hissing at any and everything that walked by him. Maybe he was protecting his female, there were several other geese around him, plus many ducks in pairs~~ probably mating season.

This gnarly old tree is in the State Park. When my older children were little it was a nice full tree that I used to place the playpen and blanket under and we could enjoy the shade as we played in the water. I believe that many of my family, kids, cousins, parent, grandparents, etc. have memories of being under this tree in the summer. Sad to say it sure doesn't look like it produces much shade anymore, it looks hacked (probably because the large branches were dead and it was a safety issue).

In my front yard the pigeons come to the bird feeder. This is a first ~~ an albino pigeon.

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