Saturday, February 26, 2011

About Time!!!

I just love being retired. Not having to get up and go out in the gray fog, cold, windy, rainy or whatever the weather is during the morning commute.

We had our (oldest) son's girlfriend stay with us from the end of January to the first 2 weeks in February. She had carpul tunnel surgery on her left wrist, she is left handed, so there were somethings she could not do (like cut her meat at dinner). Her left foot/ankle was also in a cast. She had reconstructive surgery on her left heel last fall, and while it was healing alright the nerves became inflamed and the doc. put her foot back in a cast for healing. Whenever we would go out people would ask if she had been in a skiing accident. Kinda funny but not really. Anyway, she was here for recovery, as her parents house had stairs and it was difficult for her to go up and down.

Last week, we moved some furniture around. We have a 4 bedroom house, and it is just the 2 of us, most of the time. We maintain 2 of the extra rooms as guestrooms and the 4th we have turned into my craftroom, and the kids room. The kids, my grandchildren, use the room for sleeping (on airbeds) when they visit~~ plus we have books and toys in the room for them. We recently sold a small desk our son no longer wanted and put a larger vanity, from the middle room in it's place. We moved our son's hutch out (his place is way to small for it and he wants to keep it) and put it in the middle bedroom. We also moved a bookcase from out of the hall space (between the 2 spare rooms) into the craft room. During this move we have sorted and gotten rid of things. The hard part are my children's books. Alas, I am a collector of children's stories, and have several 1st editions and signed editions of which I will keep. I have so many books because of teaching for over 2o years. I love the classics and so many more. Sorting is hard, most of the time. Then again there are some books I glady will put in the yard sale. I want to keep the timeless stories, by great authors and illustrators. When the sorting is done, we are planning a yard sale around the end of March beginning of April, or possible May. I will make a flyer and send it to my former supervisor in the local school district, and she will send copies to the other supervisors and to her staff. I will have big books and many books with the stories on CD's that I used at the listening center. I taught prekindergarten, so there are many wonderful stories for language development. There is so much more, going through my supplies. I do not need to keep everything, but sometimes it is a struggle and other times I just want to let it all go.

We are looking forward to our daughter and her husband coming back to the states. They will be leaving S. Korea the end of March and heading to Fort Bliss Texas, where he will be until he gets out of the army early next year.

I will be starting a new quilting class next week, we will meet once a month working on a quilt called "The Underground Railroad". A friend will be taking it with me, so I am kind of excited. I also have been shopping, and have material to make my granddaughter 3 dresses and 2 nightgowns, so I had best get busy working on those.

That is all for now
God Bless

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