Friday, March 26, 2010

Off to the lake until Tuesday.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prayer please.

It has been real touchy lately, for our friend, the one who had open heart surgery a few weeks ago. I spent a couple hours with her on Monday, while her husband was at the doctors. She is very tired and doesn't really feel well~~just not doing well. She had another heart attack on Tuesday. Apparently there is nothing more they can do surgically, they will treat her condition with medicines. Two of the arteries they replaced are plugged again. She will come home tomorrow. At this point I ask for prayer for her and her family. Her daughter is a missionary in Indonesia and she will be coming in on Tuesday.
She is a strong Christian and in the past has been very active teaching Bible Studies and ministering to other, now it is time to minister to her and her family.
I spent part of my day driving a friend from church around and about, delivering Easter Lilies to shut-ins. She is such a blessing to these people, and I feel privileged to be able to drive her to their houses.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nice Day

It was in the mid 70's yesterday, and right now it is 74. Yesterday and today Dan decided to work on his Studebaker. He put in the passenger seat today, so now 2 people can ride in his car. Yes, it is drivable and it is insured. In this picture he is doing some adjusting work where the pedals are.

The kitties are not allowed in the bedrooms, however, they still like to give gifts. This was outside my door when I got up this morning. I suspect it was a "gift" from Chloe. At least it isn't a real mouse.
More then one of the kitties made their way outside. Jonah looked both ways and at me as he hid behind the bushes. I let him play a little outside, with Chloe yesterday. It was so nice I didn't want to stay inside, nor do I today.
My purple iris's are blooming. Some are done already.

A friend of mine, at church, is "helping" me to sign up for quilting classes. Bless her, it is something I have wanted to do since the mid 1970's and just haven't quite gotten there yet. So, while sorting through some of my mom's things we have come across some nice fabrics. However, since they have been in storage for sometime I am in the process of washing what I want (to get the musty smell out). I have sold some at yard sales in the past, so what I don't keep will go there. We have, also, found a wealth of sewing supplies, so I am in the process of organizing what I am going to keep. I have not sewn all month, and am wanting to finish some dresses for my granddaughter, do some mending and do some sewing for myself. When the weather is sunny here, I have much more energy and have the gumption to sort. When it is just gray and dull I seem to be listless. Rain, I love, it is just those dull, gray, cold days the central valley is known for.

Today, Keith found out what the insurance will pay him for his bike. They totaled it, so he gets a pay off. I feel bad for him, he so was into his motorcycle. I am grateful that he is alright, and not banged up to bad. God is good.

Have a Blessed day!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


For those who read this, I am asking for prayer for my son Keith. He has a motorcycle, which he got last spring. He layed it over this afternoon, going around a corner, I don't know all the details as of yet. He is pretty beat up, no broken bones he says. As I type this he is on his way to the doctors so I don't know exactly the extent of everything. He is driving himself to the doctors. He is pretty shaken up. Pray for his physical well being as well as his mental state. What's done is done, I pray nothing more serious will show up at the doctors. Also, for his sake (& mine) pray no one takes the bike and that it is still fixable. He really likes his bike. It is still in the mountains where the accident occurred. Apparently there was a couple that are camping up there somewhere that helped him. They were a God send, God Bless them.

I have a Bible Study tonight, and my husband is going to call me with Keith gets back to him. Until then my stomach will be in knots, as it will be for several days to come. Tomorrow is Friday, if he isn't so stiff he can't move, hopefully he will be able to take care of the insurance, etc.
It is really the pits that we are 4 hours away and waiting, well that stinks.
Doesn't matter how old your kids are, the anxious feelings never go away when they are hurting. You still want to take the pain away.


Just got off the phone with him. He is bruised up and going to be very sore. If he is still in pain in a week, the doc. said he may need some physical therapy. He is on his way to the bike and will call AAA to pick up the bike (tow) and take it home. The bike is not ride able at this time. God is good, he is ok.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Asked prayer

A dear friend of ours had triple by-pass surgery on Monday. I am asking for prayer for her recovery from her surgery. We went to visit with her today, after church. Her twin sister was there, we missed her husband. She is still in a lot of pain from the surgery. God willing, we pray her healing goes well and there are no complications. Her name is Marge, and she just turned 80 last month.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Since my last post, both my husband and I have had a birthday. I am still coming to grips that I am in my 60's. What is that suppose to feel like? I have no answer. I read somewhere that "It isn't how old you are, it's how you are old." We are experiencing that and more. The gym we went to has closed, so we need to walk more.

The kids are all grown and living on their own, God is gracious. We are enjoying our "empty nest" and are reinvesting in each other, not that we didn't before. We do miss our children very much and wish they lived closer, but that is not in God's plans at this time. We look forward to visits when they can, and I am planning on going to S. Korea sometime this year to visit with my youngest. My niece is planning on coming for a visit from Ohio, and my oldest and her children are coming out from Colorado, also. We will have the picnic basket and boat in order by then.

I am enjoying my Beth Moore Bible Study, and it is helping me meet more of the new women at our church. I didn't go last week because our son came up from Santa Barbara to get somethings to furnish his new place. He had been renting a room from some friends and recently moved into a small studio apt. on his own. We helped him to furnish it and get kitchen things together, including a couple basic type cookbooks. His place has a tiny kitchen with no stove. They provided him with a burner (portable) and microwave. We purchased, for him, a toaster/convection oven. We were also able, through the generous donation from on of my husbands dear friends) give him a small couch and dining table. Those, along with his bed fill the place up, so he has told us. We went grocery shopping to get him some very basic items to stock his kitchen, plus some extra. He paid extra for food where he was before and only purchased his lunch stuff, but he did that when he lived at home.

The weather here has been gray and overcast much of the winter, with rain. There has been some sun, but not a lot. We are now caught up on rainfall, however, with 3 years of drought we are still behind.
I am posting these pictures, because I think they are just amazing: the rainbow I took after Thanksgiving. After rainstorms here we can have amazing rainbows, usually two and you can see them from end to end.

This one, taken the end of January. Usually we don't get amazing sunsets, but this one was quite colorful. Not as brilliant on film as seen by the naked eye. Still amazing.
God can make beautiful pictures and we can look at them and be so blessed by His handiwork!

God Bless

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