Monday, December 2, 2013

Broken wrist

Today was the day Dan had his surgery for his broken wrist. We arrived at the hospital around 8:30 this morning and left around 3:30.  To me, a long day when I am not working there.
Because he broke his wrist at an angle, it wouldn't stay set, kept popping out.  They had to put a metal plate with screws over his bone to hold it in place.  Hopefully we won't be setting off any alarms when we go through the scanners at airports.  God was good, and the surgery went well.  I did think it a bit odd that the doctor called me on the recovery room phone to tell me how the surgery went. That was a first, and hopefully a last.

He is sleeping now, probably will off and on the rest of the day and maybe into tomorrow.  Because he doesn't take pain medications or even aspirin very often his body is not used to the effects.  Therefore, they make him very groggy and sleepy.  He hasn't been sleeping well since he broke his wrist (last Tuesday) so it isn't going to hurt him to get some extra sleep.  He will get the stitches out on the 16th, but will still have it in a  sling for another 4 weeks, according to the doctors. He says 4, we'll see.

I will be doing some Christmas shopping this week and will be leaving Dan at home to rest up. He usually goes with me but this will allow me to get his gift.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving, no matter who was or wasn't there or what you had to eat. (many years we could not afford a turkey so I stuffed chicken) We can thank God for the love of family and friends.  We had a mixed bag this year, our oldest son was down early in Nov. to spend some time with us.  Our youngest daughter and her husband were down, they spend the day with his family and our youngest son and his wife were down around 11 pm that evening so we celebrated with our feast on Friday.  All in all we had a great time and good visits.  As I am not a Black Friday shopper in the wee hours of the morning, I was glad to wake up around 7.  I did do a little shopping but much later in the afternoon and I avoided the malls.

Tomorrow we will be spending our day at the hospital as my husband will be having surgery on a  broken wrist.  Because the break was at an angle it wouldn't set, so they are going to put a metal plate in.  The plate will keep the bone in place while it heals and will stay in, unless there are complications with it.  I am not sure how that is going to work going through airport scanners, we'll find out. Not planning on flying until next year, but fly we will. He's rather fly to Colorado than drive. It is an outpatient surgery, he needs to be there around 9:15 am and he should be able to go home around 3.  We pray all goes well.

God bless everyone!

Thursday, October 17, 2013


It is about time I put something here.  I think of this all the time but try to spend as little time on the computer as possible, except when I need to, so I can get other stuff done. Like I said, I try, alas I still am on here more then I need to be.  I love blogging, so am going to try and do more, with more, current updates

Yesterday was an emotional roller-coaster, isn't everyday, when you have family.  My oldest son's girlfriend broke her right foot, at the base of the big toe and two other small bones, now she is in a cast.  She tripped on a hose she didn't see and fell, exactly all the details I do not know.  Then yesterday afternoon my daughter-in-law was doing dishes and a glass broke on her, cutting her at the base of her thumb.  When my son sent me a picture it defiantly looked as if she needed to see a doctor and possible get stitches plus a current tetnus shot.  Long story short, she had stitches and got the shot.  At first the doctor thought she may have cut a tendon, but she did not.  I waited up until 11 last night to hear, so I went to bed late.  As messages this morning go, there is pain and the emotional pain of being wrapped up, but both ladies will be alright, they both sought medical treatment and got the fix on the injuries.

So now I am planning a few days away next week.  Going to Half Moon Bay to visit my sister-in-law.  The hubby will survive just fine here, after all there are 4 cats to keep him company.

God Bless your day

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


   For the last 2-3 years my husband has been talking about going to S. Calif. to visit his family, or who remains, at least one last time.  And not at a funeral!  Two weekends ago, we got the opportunity to go to a family reunion in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.  There were many, but not all, of the people he wanted to see, present there.  It was a good time to catch up on so much that has gone on in all our lives, kids, weddings, grand-kids, travels, etc. Who knows when we will have this opportunity again?
We went down on a Friday and came back on Sunday.  We stayed with one of his cousins and had a great time visiting with her and others, outside of picnic time. 
While there we had a chance to look at some family photos she had, and they were great.  I took pictures of many of them and had them printed out.  I will label them and put them in albums for my kids.  This is one of the 8x10's we got.  I doctored it up a little on the computer so it's not so faded looking. This is a picture of my father-in-law (bottom left) his 8 siblings and his parents.  I think it is a great picture.  Of course when we came home I had to write down the order of them all, before I forgot (and yes, I have met everyone of them, except grandpa~ in the middle).
 Wish I knew knew the year it was taken, but they have all passed on so we can only guess.  It looks as if the youngest is still in school (upper right corner) so, my guess is the early 1940's. My in laws were married in the early 40's and he served  during WWII.  My father-in-law was the 5th child and youngest son, sitting next to the firstborn, Thelma.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dog sitting..........

I am dog sitting Winston and Guinness,  while E. & R. are going to his grandfather's 90th birthday celebration in S. Cal. They will be back tomorrow and head on home, Ryan has school on Monday and she has to work.
I like to take the dogs for walks, they enjoy it and it gets me out of the house.  I get some weird remarks about the dogs: how do they get along, wow-what a combination , a couple of the remarks people say.  I guess it isn't often you see a boxer and chihuahua walking together. They are best buddies and get along great!

Winston, the chihuahua, can come inside as the cats are not afraid of him and all are bigger.  Guinness only comes in at night when I put him in a room or have him on a lease, he chases the cats.  My poor sick Kittyboy is holding up in the garage so he doesn't have to deal with either one.  Winston has yet to figure out the 'doggy door', so he does not follow the cats into the garage (where litter and food are).

Thursday, April 25, 2013


 I know there are many more pressing issues then a cat, but this is a  little memorial.  This cat strayed into my yard in July of 2003, a little kitten, a Nebelung breed.  We first saw him eating dog food and sitting next to the dog, which was something, the dog didn't like my house cats. To make a long story short, he adopted us.  We knew he belonged to someone because he had been fixed, but were unable to find out who.  Almost 10 years later he is at the end of his life.  He has a horrible cancer growing under his tongue and there is nothing to be done.  Our vet said (of a cancer like this) when we thought one other of our cats had cancer, just to treat him as best we can for the time he has left.  I will be calling tomorrow to make an appt. to take him in to have him put to sleep.  He can hardly eat or drink because swallowing is difficult, he has lost so much weight because it is a chore to eat, he looks very mangy, he cannot groom himself. He drools all the time. I have groomed him with a brush, but that is only part of grooming.  He has been a great pet and we will miss him. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Georgia went in for a colon procedure last week and  2 huge polyps were taken out and sent in for testing.  She is not a big lady, she is little and has a weakened immune system.  She went through the procedure just fine, but after being off solids for 2 days a little weak and dizzy.  Yesterday her daughter took her into emergency because of it.  I went in yesterday to the ER and spent a couple hours with her, while her daughter picked her son up from school and took him to a babysitter.  Georgia was discouraged, so we talked. My husband prayed with her over the phone earlier in the day, she said that was so comforting.
Today she called, and she is going to have surgery to removed the right colon, where the cancer was found.  She had a family meeting with her daughters, and decided on the surgery.  She said she will wait for the results to decide if chemo is going to happen or not.  She will be 77 in July and is more interested in her quality of life then quantity of life at this point.  She is a believer in Christ, and she is putting her faith in God.  She has multiple Bible Studies going on and is taking a break from them right now.  Doctors say it will be a least 3 months before she should continue.
Her doctor is also a believer, and got down on his knees and prayed by her bed before they talked.  How blessed it that!

Monday, April 22, 2013


I find that there are some things I cannot and will not post of Facebook.  I find that FB is just to public at times and not everyone wants to read what I post, oh well on the reading.  I do not want to share everything on FB or with some of the people therein.  I am not happy with many of the changes they've made and keep on making.  All but 6 of my "friends" on FB are family/friends I know personally.  1 is a blogging friend, with whom I have been blogging with for over 5 years and 4 are former game friends, and I enjoy their posts and hope they enjoy mine.   Many of the blogger friends I (thought) I had have gone private or have (just about) dropped off the face of the earth. I guess I too am guilty of not posting as often as I used to. OK ranting is done.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Here he is with his beautiful granddaughter, the man in my life!  Today is his birthday and I wish him the merriest one yet! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This day!

What can I say but "this is a day the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!"

Obedient cats, sure!
 This is what you get when you put warm (just out of the dryer) pillows on the couch and a Siamese cat!
 Chloe loves basking in the sun in a warm, out of the wind place.
 A bird was caught in the yard (by a neighbors cat) and our kitties are checking out the feathers.  They have been inside cats to long, they chase birds like they chase string and laser lights. They love being outside when it is warm.  When it is cold they lay by the heater, inside.
 I thank God that I have a husband who loves to do physical work on somethings.  He is repairing/rebuilding our side fence, and it is quite a job.  The neighbor is helping pay, but Dan is reusing what wood is still reusable as well as new materials. This way the dogs will stay in their yard and not bother the cats.

I know it sounds silly, but the kitties are old and stay in the yard for 90% of the time.  They like to bask in the sun and not run from the dogs.  It will also give us a little more privacy.  The young man next door will graduate from college in the fall and will be moving back near his family (we have enjoyed his company).  His uncle owns the home and we do not know if he will be renting or selling the house. So not knowing who will be there it will be nice to have a good fence up to contain pets and make the next door a safer yard for children to play.
We have an outdoor (portable) fireplace and have fun with it.  I like the idea of setting outside reading, enjoying a fire, visiting with family and friends.  So I want to get my patio ready for some outdoor entertaining.
God Bless

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Up to it

I can say I have been a little lazy when it has come to posting.  This month has gone by so fast, and I still have so much to do.  I have been trying to get myself into a "different eating pattern" to lose a little weight.  Got a bike helmet for Christmas but it has just been to cold for me to want to get out there and ride, so I have been on the bike inside (not as much as I should).

I have a newer edition of Photoshop, and am planning to download it sometime in the next week or two and start editing some of my photos. I am working on a quilt (finishing it) and making some outfits for my granddaughter~~~ also gathering some yarn to make a small blanket for my niece who is expecting in July.  Right now I am playing on the computer, which I try to stay off of as much as possible, so not to waste to much time.  So at this time I will sign off and do some sewing.

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