Saturday, November 28, 2009

♥ Rainbows ♥

The colors aren't near as brilliant in the pictures as they were seen by the naked eye.
We had a brief rainshower yesterday and this was the aftermath. Doesn't God do amazing work!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Yesterday was our daughters 1 year anniversary. Happy anniversary Elizabeth and Ryan, we love you both very much. Friends say "Has it really been a year already?" Yeah, it has.
We still have the decorations we used then. A friends daughter is getting married in Dec. and I was going to offer the use of the decorations, but the church she is getting married in is decorated for Christmas.

It still seems a little odd not having kids at home, or even very close by~~ but life goes on. Really, we don't seem to have to much problem with the "empty nest" syndrome. Yes, we do miss our kids and grandkids a lot and wish they were closer, but that is not what is happening now and life goes on. We are looking forward to our sons being here for Thanksgiving and a visit with our older daughter and her family after Christmas. We will be meeting our oldest son's girlfriend for the first time as she will be a guest in our home for a couple days. Our girls will be spending Thanksgiving in CO. and Korea.

Since my last post 4 more people we have known have passed away~~ 2 elderly ladies we have known for 10 years from our church family~~2 more family members, 1 my great aunt (89 years) and another cousin I didn't know very well. Three of the funerals were back to back to back~ a Thur., Fri. and Monday. I didn't attend Mon., we knew about the Thurs./Fri. and found out about the one on Monday at the Friday service.
We have been going through some of my mothers things (she has been gone almost 4 years). I would like to clear out the storage and stop paying. We brought home some boxes to go through, then my husband brought home more, and it made it very hard to get a grip on things, way to many boxes at one time. If I had a housekeeper and cook it wouldn't be so bad. We have found things I didn't know were there, almost like a treasure hunt. Old photos from my dad's side of the family, which I like as I don't have many of my own. Papers from my dad's early days in the military, flight school certificates, etc. When WWII started my dad wasn't old enough to join the military so he moved from Grand Junction, CO. to work in the ship yards in San Francisco, and we found his badge with his photo ID in it! That is also when my grandparents left CO. and came to Calif. such as in "The Grapes of Wrath" for work. We have had to put some of the papers, photos, etc. away until a later date as they take more time to go through. I love the pictures! I recently purchased a film scanner, and I will be able to make copies of the pictures for other family members. I did that for my aunt and cousins funeral, then e-mailed the pictures on so they could be used at the service. We have my mom's china, that my dad got when he was stationed in Korea. Lots of other knick knacks that were my grandparents, momentos, some jewelery and there is still some big furniture pieces. My grandmother (dads mom) died the day before I turneded 13. My older brother and I spent most of the summer I was 10 1/2 with her (she was wheel chair bound and in ill health) helping her with her personal needs and around the house and cooking until they could hire a caregiver (my grandfather was in the hospital because of complications of his diabetes) and my brother did chores outside and what he could do~~fortunately is was a very small farm. We went through some of their momentos, she would tell me about them, where they came from what they ment to her and who she wanted them to go to. That was a special time and seeing some of her things has brought back many memories. That is why the photos are put away until later, so I can get other things done. I should add that my parents weren't far away and we were checked on regualary and aided as necessary. I have no complaints.
It is that time of the year again, annual physical. I don't mind going to the doctors so much when I don't have to wait 30 min. or longer. I finally requested an appointment I have been putting off for sometime with a podiatrist. I decided it was time to find out just exactly what is causing the pain in my foot, and not keep guessing as to what I think it is. My guess was right, I have arthritis in my left foot, the 2nd joint on my big toe, in the middle of my foot. You'd have to look at a picture of foot bones to know where that is. Plus another condition (don't remember what it is called) where my feet are really stiff and hurt first thing in the morning, but get better after I walk for a few minutes. Apparently I am doing everything right, according to the doctor, when he asked what I was doing. A good pair of walking shoes and not a lot of fast walking on pavement/concrete help a lot, plus a couple aspirin for the pain. I will have x-rays and go back in sometime in January.
I can still wear heels, and fortunately I only wear heels occasionally. The elliptical I use at the gym really helps my foot, it mimics some of the physical therapy movements I had years ago with a bad sprain. I can't use the treadmill, that is so very painful. Fortunately it doesn't hurt all the time, and is easily managed. Most of the pain is caused by walking on ground that doesn't give.
I guess that is way to much information for now. I will say I am looking forward to getting this sorting done.
God Bless

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