Tuesday, July 28, 2015

So much has happened

Ryan graduated, and had a couple interviews, no jobs.  Then a friend. who worked for D!, recommended him.  He interviewed with  D.  He got an internship for 6 months! God is good! We are praying this will lead into a full time job.  We helped move them from the Bay Area down to Glendale, CA.  Lots of driving in the two weekends we did it in.  They had been packing and cleaning ahead of time.  God is good, they found a small apartment, 720  sq. feet, that allows dogs.  It is within walking distance of shopping and 10 minutes from the studio Ryan is at. 
With all the driving back and forth, more so for them, we are thankful to God that his battery didn't die until after the move. (He needed to get a new battery)  It would have been awful to have the truck die going over the grapevine, loaded and pulling a trailer. 

A couple weeks earlier, we were able to enjoy a visit with our daughter and grandchildren.  Unfortunately they were here during a heat spell.
 We enjoyed some boating, 2 different days.
 Making smores.  I have to admit that making smores on a really hot evening is interesting.  The chocolate melted on the plate and I had to scoop it with a graham cracker for the smores.  We had fun anyway.
 The grandkids got to do some fireworks, for the first time.  I guess they are not allowed in Colorado where they live.  They usually have gone to an event to see the fireworks. They left the 5th , and I wanted to cry as I dropped them off at the airport. But, we'll see them again, next week.

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thanks for the update, love you.

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