Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fostering kittens

Around 11 days ago we found 2 little kittens on our patio.  In the next 4 days we collected all 5 of the kittens in the litter.  They were born in a shed in the corner of our yard.  We have not seen the mom.  The kittens are now around 8 weeks old.  They were very hissy and would swat at us at first, now they are very loving.  We bathed them (to de-flea them) the water was very dirty, they didn't like it, and we  will do so again. We will change the bedding and wash it (again).We are fostering them until we can fine them homes.  Non of the shelters around here will take them. One shelter has offered to help us find homes for them.  The local animal control shelter told us to let them go! Unbelievable!!  There are 4 blacks and 1 tabby.  The tabby and 1 black are female, 3 male blacks. They will be going to my oldest son and his girlfriend for fostering, then on to a shelter in Santa Cruz.  Our youngest son and his wife may (or not) take the little tabby.  They are fun to watch, hold and play with.  They have turned our front bathroom into a nursery that I need to clean a couple (or more) times a day. They have a better chance at life now then they would have as strays.  I'd love to give them to someone with a loving home. They are so much fun to watch playing.

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